August 14th, 2009

  • rredken

Just you

And then she kissed me. I must admit, I was caught by surprise. She felt so soft, determined, yet incredibly nervous, not knowing what I would do. I wanted to reassure her, let her feel she did it all so right. Her lips on mine, my god, how much I wanted this. I pulled back slowly, bringing my hands to cup her beautiful face. 


She didn’t speak, but her eyes said it all, she was scared, scared that by crossing the boundaries of our friendship, she would lose me. It pained me to see her inner battle.  Tears started to form in her dark brown orbs and threatened to spill. I locked my eyes with her, trying to convey with them all that I felt at that moment. My thumbs brushed away the tears of my gorgeous Callie, her eyes still searching for answers. She had never looked more beautiful than then. 

I moved my left hand into her raven hair and with my right I traced her bottom lip. But she was still unsure of what this meant. So I moved my mouth over her skin and inhaled her scent that was so unique, so my Callie. I stopped at her ear and started whispering: “ You Callie Torres make my head spin, your touch brings a thousand butterflies to life in my heart, with your kiss you made me complete, you caught my mind, my body, my soul” I gave her a very soft kiss on her ear and whispered:” and if you look at me, not only with your eyes, but mostly with your heart, you’ll know”. I moved my head back, put my finger under her chin to make her look at me. Chocolate brown met sparkling blue and we held each others gaze until a small smile began to form on Callies face. It was infectious and soon we were both smiling like fools. 


I let my hands fall to her neck and let my fingertips grace the collar of her jacket. I slowly pulled her closer, I needed her closer. I leaned in, stopping only millimeters from her lips, her hot breath tickling my senses. “I would like to kiss you again”, I whispered, holding my breath for her reaction. If it was even possible to let our lips come closer without actually touching, Callie almost silently moaned “yes please’ and I felt her hands fall on my hips and pulling us closer. It was all I ever needed. I let my tongue dance over her full mouth, asking for entrance. She parted her lips slowly and I pulled back a bit and nibbled at her lip. She let out a soft moan and I couldn’t help smiling. I brought my hands around her neck, moving my lips back to hers and deepening the kiss. It was not hurried, it was a sensual dance of our tongues exploring each other. I was sure I was not the only one feeling the fire rising inside of me, as her hands slipped under my coat, found my hips again with nails digging into my flesh. My God, I could come right here and now! 


When oxygen became a problem, we both pulled back a little to look in each others eyes. I saw stars, laughter and longing. I couldn’t stand leaving her there like that. No to be honest with myself, I didn’t want her to go home alone, I wanted her with me, I wanted to kiss her again, I wanted to feel her, to inhale her. So I took her hands in mine, brought them to my lips and covered them in soft kisses. Our fingers interlaced and as I wanted to ask her something, she beat me to it. 


She pulled me in a tight hug like her life depended on it. “ I want to hold you when you fall asleep, I want to close my eyes knowing you’ll be the first thing I’ll see in the morning, I want to wake up inhaling your unique perfume”. I didn’t know what to say, because although I never wanted anything more than to make love to her, it was too soon, I wanted to treasure every step of the way. “Cal, I …” she saw my hesitation, my confusion. “Erica, I don’t want to have sex with you, well eventually yes, but not tonight. I just want to sleep with you and hold you, just like old times, no?” 


Her raised eyebrow and that naughty smirk on her face told me there was more to come. She made a trail of soft kisses from my mouth, over my cheek to my ear. I shivered at this yet so sensual contact. She must have felt it because I could tell she was smiling. “Except now” she took my earlobe between her lips which made me swallow hard in anticipation of what was to come next “I can kiss you and make you moan whenever I feel like it”. And with that she sucked my earlobe in her mouth and let her hands come to rest on my chest, giving me almost a cardiac arrest. She gave me this mischievous look whilst saying: “What do you say, Dr. Hahn?” At that point I could not hold any response, even if I wanted to. My voice came out much lower than usual “Can’t say no to that Dr. Torres!” 


I kissed her forehead and we both started to giggle, easily falling back into our normal way of acting towards each other. We linked our arms and made our way to our car, not knowing where this kiss would lead us to.