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Just you (2/?)

Title: Just you (2/?)
Pairing: the lovely Erica and Callie
Rating: PG-17
Summary: starts with the kiss in the parking lot.  Erica's POV.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.
Author's note: This is my first fanfic!


We only take a couple of steps when I remember,

“Damnit, I forgot that I don’t know where my keys are.” 

To my surprise, Callie giggles. 

“You think that’s funny Torres?  Because if I can’t find my keys, we’ll have to spend the night in an oncallroom in the hospital instead of my comfy bed!”

It came out a bit harsher than I meant, but the fact that me, organized above everything lost my keys and due to this was about to miss out on this beautiful woman in my bed, annoyed me extremely.  Callie was standing in front of me, arms crossed over her chest, trying to hold in her laughter.  What the hell is she doing!!  She starts to come closer to me, her hips swaying in a seductive dance.  She is going to give me a heart attack for sure!  She presses her body to mine and lays her hands around my neck.  The smirk on her face tells me she’s up to something. 

“Well well Dr. Hahn, I never considered you as an oncallroom-girl.  And as tempting as that may sound, I prefer not to share you with the rest of the hospital and it’s tiny tiny walls.”

Her hands slide of my shoulders, her fingertips tracing the line of my collarbone.  I hold my breath as she continues her path down between my breasts, caressing my hips, …  Would she?  Oh yes, unashamed, looking me straight in the eyes, she’s cupping my ass, squeezing my flesh.  Ok that’s it, I’m gonna die!  I can’t hold it any longer and throw my head back while her name rolls over my lips.  “Oh Cal” 

But her husky voice pulls my eyes back to hers.

“Now don’t get too excited Dr. Hahn or I’ll start to believe that you really want to get all sweaty in an oncallroom?” 

“What??!!” I snap back at her!  She starts to draw slow patterns on my butt and I think she’s teasing me until I hear the clatter of my keys.  “Where did you..?” 

“Backpocket” she says laughing out loud and runs off like a child to the car. 

Oh my god, this woman is going to be the death of me! 


When we get to my car, I open the door for my raven haired beauty.  

“Please mylady, your taxi’s waiting”. 

It’s good to hear her laugh and just be our teasing humoristic selves.  She plays along, bats her lashes and she makes sure her voice gets a very sensual tone.

“ Well thank you driver.  Are you always that kind to all of your clients?” 

I lift her face by putting a finger under her chin until her gaze meets mine.  I lower my voice, it’s my turn to play! 

“No ……  only to the hot ones!” 

I hear her breath hitch in her throat, yes, score for me!  I chuckle at the sight.  “Get in the car Torres”

It makes her come out of her trance and she steps in.  I close the door and step in at the drivers seat.  She’s struggling with her seatbelt, swearing at the damn thing like this is worlds greatest disaster.

“Need some help gorgeous?”

“No, I can do this alone, if this vicious belt wants to cooperate a bit!”

“I’m not driving until you have put on your seatbelt so you're safe.  But as I would like to get home before next Easter, move out of the way Torres and let me do it!”

I lean over her to get to the seatbelt and accidentally (well not quite, but let’s just believe that, shall we) let my wrist brush over her breast.  She shivers and quickly turns her gaze to the window, her cheeks turning a slight shade of pink.  She hopes I just didn’t notice that.  But being concentrated and noticing every single detail is my job, so there’s no chance in the world that this would skip my attention!  I lean in towards the side of her neck, brush my nose along her perfect caramel neckline, inhaling her perfume.  Her scent only, makes me feel high. 

“Hmm, I’m that good hey” and let my tongue trail a wet pattern on her skin.  I can not resist to give her a small bite at her pulse point.  I glance at her, lock her seatbelt and start the car. That’s when I hear that full deep laugh that only belongs to Callie Torres. 

“ Oh my my, Dr Hahn you’re such a tease!” 

“You have no idea Dr Torres” and I wink at her playfully. 


The drive to my house is comfortable and easy as usual.  We tease, flirt and laugh.  When we get inside, I take off my coat and purse and put it neatly away in the hallway.  Usually Callie just throws her jacket and purse on a chair, kicks of her shoes and plunges on the couch.  But where wis she now?  I turn and go back to the front door where I see her still standing on the same spot as we came inside. 

“Callie, sweetie, you’re alright?”

She keeps her gaze to the floor, “I uhm, …”

“Come on Torres, spit it out!”

“Jesus, Erica, you don’t have to be so harsh!  I’m just nervous, I’m struggling here and I don’t know how to tell you that …….”

“I’m sorry Callie, I didn’t mean it that way.” 

I pull her in my arms, letting her head rest on my shoulder. 

“You can tell me anything, you know that, I’m still your best friend remember?” 

I feel her nod her head.  When she starts to speak, her hot breath is tickling my neck sending tingles through my body.  Her voice comes out just as a whisper. 

“I’m nervous because when I see you, I can only think about kissing you, I can’t stop looking at your lips, all sparkling and wet and your tongue darting out makes my breath hitch.”

How is it that this woman can make me go from irritated to almost melting in 1 sec? 

“And you think that’s a bad thing?”  I ask her very softly.

“I just don’t know if I can kiss you without asking?  Perhaps you want me to ask you, I don’t know.  I’m also afraid that when I do kiss you, I won’t be able to stop.” 

Her sudden shyness is adorable.  I bring my lips slowly to her neck.

“You make me crazy, you know that?” 

I place featherlight kisses along her neck, follow her strong jawline and hover my lips over hers.  I feel my blood pump trough my veins and my breathing gets heavier with every word that rolls out of my mouth. 

“Never ask”

I let my tongue sweep over her full lips and nibble on them when she pulls me closer. 

“And please, never stop”

and with that I push my tongue inside to let her feel what she does to me.  I’m rewarded with a deep moan which makes me want her even more.  She throws away her purse and lets her jacket slide of her shoulders.  By that time my fingers are lost in her raven locks, whilst our tongues are fighting for dominance.  Her whimpers set every fiber in my body on fire.  I need to taste her more, to feel her more, my god do I want her!  Nobody has ever turned me on as she does just by kissing.  Just great Hahn, why the hell did you tell her you don’t want to make love to her tonight??!!  I want her so badly that it’s almost painful.  There’s an inner battle going on between the raging desire in my center and my brains.  Although my body is on arousal level 9, I know that I don’t want to have a quick fuck with her.  When I’ll have her for the first time, I want to have her for hours, taste all of her, I want to worship her, make her voice raw from screaming my name again and again.  So I know what I have to do.  I gather all my strength and slow down to a lazily pace.  I cup her face and suck her tongue in my mouth, almost in slow motion.  I can’t hold the deep growl inside of me and I feel her smile against my lips.  We pull apart when air is needed.  Her eyes are dark and full of desire.  I’m sure mine are as well.  It’s stronger than myself and I claim her lips again when we hear our stomachs growl.  We both chuckle and rest our foreheads together. 

“I think that’s our food-call Dr. Torres”


“Take away?”


We loose ourselves in each others gaze, storyteller of our heart and mind.  I kiss the tip of her nose and squeeze her hand.  When I walk to the counter to grab the phone, I hear her letting out a deep breath followed by a giggle.  I shake my head and smile at her cuteness. 

“I think we need some wine too”. 

It’s more a statement than a question and I take two glasses and poor some merlot in them.  She’s watching me from the other side of the counter with sparkling eyes.  How on earth did I deserve to be wanted by this beauty?  I’m sure I’ll have to pay the price for this in my afterlife, but I’m happily to work my ass off for the devil if that’s what it takes!  We drink our wine while I dial the number for the take away.

“Thai’s ok for you?”

I’ve been put on hold, so I take another sip of wine and let the rich ruby liquid embrace my mouth.

“ Whatever you want, my Hot Lips!” she smacks her lips and I almost choke on my wine.  She gives me her deep laugh that seems to go through her whole body.  I try to regain my composure and place the order.  15 minutes later the food arrives and we make ourselves comfortable on the couch with diner and wine.  Hmm, this is delicious!  We make some small talk about our day at work and finish our meal.  We decide to just put everything in the kitchen and relax a bit more on the couch.


I lay myself down on the couch, suddenly feeling tired from all that shit with the Chief and Yang, and I close my eyes for a bit.  When she asks me if it’s okay to put on some music, I just murmur “sure”.  I hear her giggle and I know she’s about to say something she thinks is very funny. 

“ That’s if I can find something worth listening to in your thumbs-up-for-the-eighties-collection!” 

Even with my eyes closed I can tell that she’s wiggling her eyebrows and waiting for me to get back to her.  I take the pillow and throw it at her.  “Be nice Torres” I say with my stern Dr. Hahn voice.


“ Oh no no no, a pillow can’t hurt Torres, so stop faking!”  I keep my eyes closed, but open them when I hear her shuffle closer.  She’s pouting and puts on her droopy face.  I decide to play along. 

“Oh come here sweetie.  You want me to kiss it and make it better?” 

She nods her head and I pull her on top of me enjoying the feeling of her body weight on me.  “Now tell me, where does it hurt?”

She looks at the ceiling trying to act like she’s thinking of it, but when she looks back at me she has this mischievous grin on her face.  She takes my hand and places it on her butt.

“Your ass Torres???”

I laugh at her boldness, but at the same time I’m grateful to be able to touch.  She nods her head whilst giggling like a child. 

“You want me to kiss your ass?”

By now she’s shaking with laughter on top of me.

“I would do it for you Erica”

She’s challenging me with her eyes.  Her pupils go wide when she hears me say “Okay”.  Her gaze doesn’t leave mine while I let my hand travel to the soft skin of her lower back.  My fingers play with the waistband of her jeans and she swallows hard.  I surprise her by quickly sliding my hand in her jeans to cup her butt.  Her eyes turn darker and she bites her bottom lip.  She has never been sexier than now!  I swallow a moan and take my time memorizing every millimeter that my hand is touching.  I love how her lace boys shorts feel under my fingertips.  They’ve been haunting me in my dreams ever since the day I saw them while Callie was changing into her scrubs.  I slowly pull back my hand and she seems disappointed at the loss of contact.

“Hmm no, I don’t think that your ass is painful.  So tell me Cal, where does it really hurt?” 

For a moment she looks confused but quickly picks up the arousal in my voice and understands that the game is still on.  She takes my hand again and guides it over her thigh towards her stomach.  I lick my lips at the thought of the possible destinations of my hand.  She doesn’t stop at her belly button but goes up slowly.  The thought of cupping her breasts  makes me arch my back.  She smirks because she knows what she’s doing to me and she loves it.  When she lets my hand hover over her breast, I feel her nipple hardening causing more wetness between my legs.  She could make me come just like this if she wanted to.  I can’t resist to let her nipple slide between my fingers gently squeezing it.  She answers by grinding her hips into mine and I put my hand at her lower back to make her push harder.  I feel the heat radiating from her center.  I take a moment to look at her and oh my god!  The sight before me is breathtaking: my raven haired beauty is straddling my hips, grinding into me, her head thrown back, eyes closed, her erected nipples peeking through her top  betraying her arousal, whispering my name.  It takes all my willpower to prevent me from having an orgasm right here and now.


“Yeah gorgeous”

She reaches out for my hand to continue our journey.  She stops at her mouth and looks at me through hooded eyes. 

“Is that where it hurts baby?”

She nods her head, brings one finger in her mouth and let her tongue swirl around it.  She never takes her eyes of me even when she sucks my finger, moans escaping from deep in her throath. 

“Let me kiss you to make it better.”

I pull at her top to come closer so I can crash our lips together.  She doesn’t let me take control, not this time, she sets the pace and she’s the one to break the kiss as first.  Her gaze is intense and warm.  She studies my face and traces her fingers over my eyes, cheekbones, nose, along my jawline and coming to stop on my lips.  Without removing them, she places a single tender kiss on my mouth.

“You are so beautiful Erica, so incredible beautiful.”

She whispers, like she has just discovered something so amazing that saying it out loud could chase it away .  The honesty in her eyes shines right into my soul.  I’m 41 years old and nobody has ever called me beautiful.  I realize just now how much I’ve been craving to hear these words, even if it was only once.  And my Callie, my stunning Callie just called me beautiful!  I can’t hold the tears and let them role freely.  She cups my face and tries to kiss them away.  Through my tears I thank her for looking further than Dr. Hahn, for wanting to see me, Erica.  She gives me that megawatt smile of hers and I smile with her.  We lay like that for a while, neither of us wanting to break the silence. 


When I feel her starting to doze off, I take her hand and guide her upstairs.  We’ve been sleeping together before.  It's not unusual that Callie would crash here after a wild night of dancing and drinking.  I never suggested to use the guestroom and Callie just crawled in my bed.  Most of the time we fell asleep in each others arms, just enjoying the feeling of one another.  
We quickly change into a t-shirt and shorts and let ourselves fall into bed.  I pull her close, I need to hold her, I need her to hold me.  She throws her arm and leg over me, just like before.  Only this time she rests her head on my shoulder, now and then placing soft kisses on my neck.  I wrap my arm around her making sure she’s as close as possible. 

“This is so nice Cal”


I sigh from happiness and kiss the top of her head.

“Night gorgeous”

“Night Hot Lips”

We both chuckle and she buries her face in my neck.  Tired but with a smile on our faces, we fall asleep. 



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