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Just you (3/?)

Title: Just you (3/?)
Pairing: the lovely Erica and Callie
Rating: PG-17
Summary: starts with the kiss in the parking lot.  Mostly Erica's POV.
Disclaimer:All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.
Author's note: Sorry for the late update but I've been in France for some holiday!



(Erica's POV)

Next morning I woke up totally covered under a thick curtain of raven locks.  Callie’s hair was tickling my noise and I brushed some of her curls aside.  Our bodies were pressed tightly against each other, 2 women totally lost in a warm embrace.  Callie was still deep asleep, I felt her chest rise and fall against mine, her breath carressing my face.  Her arms were firmly wrapped around me, holding on tight to keep me as close as possible.  I buried my face close to her neck, inhaling her scent, a vague fragrance of her coconut bodyscrub still present.  Hmm, what a great way to wake up.

They had cuddled in bed before, just enjoying each others closeness and warmth.  For them it was something that came natural, they had always been very physical towards the other.  Hugs, hand holding, relaxing massages after a full day of surgeries, a few chaste kisses, they did it all, without giving it any thought.  Wasn’t that what best friends do?  Erica’s mind kept focusing on the words ‘best friends’.  Best friends ... best friends ... BEST FRIENDS! Her best friend kissed her and she kissed her back!  It had not felt awkward or anything like that, it just seemed to flow naturally out of their friendship.  Perhaps the line between just friends and something more had been very thin and they had been crossing it now and then without them really noticing it or just enjoying their little sidesteps. 

 Callie stirred in her sleep, hooked her leg over mine and sighed, pulling me closer.  A smile formed on my face, even in her sleep my latin beauty held me tight.  My mind drifted back to last night.  Our kisses had started tentatively, softly exploring each other. Callie’s sudden shyness, her little confession about her need to kiss me, her cuteness, her so typical constant flirting mood, it had all made me care for her even more.  And then their teasing which had led to this exciting sensual game.  What a breathtaking sight it was: my Callie straddling me, moaning and grinding her hips whilst I let her hardened nipple slide between my fingers.  Erotocism filled the space.   And what followed meant more to me than words can ever tell.  She called me beautiful!   Full pure honesty rolling of her sparkling lips.  I had to swallow the lump that had formed in my throat. ....... If Callie only knew that at that specific moment ........... my heart was all hers.

 Yesterday was definitely a day to remember!  But I cherished this moment, the first time I woke up in Callie’s arms and be able to freely touch her caramel skin.  My right hand wandered to Callie’s leg that was hooked over mine.  I let my hand tug lightly at her thigh so it encircled my waist.  My hands traveled higher until they reached firm feminine curves.  The stars must have been on my side yesterday evening when I could unashamed cup this ass, my hands playing with the lace of her boys shorts. 

Erica placed a light kiss on the spot where her lips touched her lovers neck, careful not to wake her up.  Her lips barely brushing the toned skin, her tongue occasionally slipping out to lick and taste her once more.  She got lost in the act and couldn’t resist to slip the tips of her fingers inside Callie’s boxers.  The feeling of this soft naked skin made her moan and push her hips slightly forward.

 “Dr. Hahn, what are you doing?” Callie sleepily asked.

 “Uhm” damn so busted “ …….  just checking if your beautiful ass is still painful?”  A girl can try no?

 Callie chuckled, but kept her eyes closed.  She was so not a morning person and everything before 8 am meant ‘nighttime’!  She reached for Erica’s wrist and dragged her hand very slowly out of her boxers.  She brought it to her mouth and kissed it tenderly. 

“If my memory serves me right” a smile formed on Callie’s lips “I thought we stated last night that my ass was not so painful after all”

 “Is that right Dr. Torres?” 

I would be very happy if she would just take my hand for the same journey as she did yesterday.  I had to swallow at the thought of feeling her breast again, her nipple coming to life under my touch.  She entertwined our fingers and let them rest close to her chest.  I could feel her heartbeat slow down due to the sleep.  She sighed, moved her face closer to mine, lips almost touching.  “Still sleepy” she murmured and I felt her dozing off.  Even sleeping she took my breath away. 

 I’d happily spend the rest of the morning just laying in her arms like this, but reality was harsh and our shifts would start in an hour.  Meaning that minus the 20’ drive to the hospital, we only had about 40’ to get ourselves ready.  Plenty of time you would say, but not with Callie Torres!  It had always been a major battle to make her get up in the morning.  Most of the time I had to pull out all of my tricks to get her moving.  One time we were running really late after a night of serious bonding with too many bottles of merlot, but Callie didn’t want to get up.  So I had to seek refuge to threatening her: I told her I’d pull all the sheets away, take off her clothes, take a picture and pin it on the surgical board saying “Good morning Seattle Grace, Dr. Torres speaking!”!  Of course I never had the intention to share this picture with anybody, my locker would just do!  I was so disappointed when she did get up.  Damn, no naked Callie!!  She told me I was evil and dragged herself to the bathroom.  Even then I already found her adorable.

 I softly caressed her side and let my lips touch hers lightly.  Although she was clearly not awake, she reacted and pulled me a bit closer.  I made sure to kiss every little spot of her mouth before letting my tongue push slightly between her lips to get a quick taste, only to pull back straight away.  This action earned me a soft groan from her.  Oh god, these little noises of her drive me crazy!

 “Cal sweetie, open your eyes gorgeous, it’s time to get up”.  I spoke softly, almost whispering.

 “No no no, still sleepy …..”

 “We have to go to work in half an hour.”

 “I’m not going.”

 I had to smile, this was so typically Callie!  And as much as I didn’t want to be late for work, I didn’t want to leave the bed with my raven haired beauty in it!  So I leaned in and kissed her.  Relishing the feeling of her kissing me back and those full luscious lips, made me want more.  My hand slipped under the hem of her T-shirt, fingers travelling over her muscled back.  She welcomed this skin to skin contact and her hands found my hair.  Remind me why we have to go to work???  Clearly I wasn’t the only one enjoying this very much as I felt her tongue sweeping over my bottom lip, asking for entrance.  Before I could part my lips, she’d already pushed her tongue inside my mouth deepening the kiss.  From then on everything else was forgotten, we got lost in each other, kissing fiercely with everything we got.  The silence of the morning was broken by moans and heavy breathing.  Our lips separated when air was needed.

 “Mmm, good morning Hot Lips”

 “So you’re awake now?” I asked smiling, all the while trying to get my breath under control.

 “Maybe. But it seems you’re having a bit of trouble breathing, you can’t keep up with me Dr. Hahn?”  Her eyes had a mischievous glint in it, she was definitely awake!

 “Are you suggesting I’m old Torres??  I raised my eyebrow and tried to give her a stern Dr. Hahn look, but failed miserably.  She was so cute, her hair looking almost exploded from the heated kiss we shared.  When I saw her starting to giggle, I couldn’t hold myself and joined her in laughter.  After a look at the clock we decided we really needed to get up, so I took a shower first and went downstairs to make some coffee. 

I was taking some mugs out of the cupboard when the kitchen was filled by a wave of coconut.  Without turning, I knew that Callie was coming towards me, the scent of her bodyscrub filling my senses with each step.  From now on coconut was definitely my favorite fruit!  She pressed her body gently to my back and wrapped her arms around my waist.  I covered her hands with mine and let my head fall slightly backwards on her shoulder.

 “Mmh, you smell nice Cal”

 “It’s just my bodyscrub Erica, I always use it” and she brushed her lips over my neck.

 “I like it, my coconut girl!”  I felt the smile on her lips against my skin. 

 “Well, your coconut girl needs some cofffeeeeeeeee!”  and she grabbed a mug out of my hands.

 We quickly drank some coffee, took our purses and made our way to the door.  Before she could turn the doorknob, I stopped her.

 “Something wrong Erica?”  her tone was worried.

 “No, but could we just keep ‘us’ to ourselves for now, I’m ……  not ready to share you with the rest of the hospital.”  I lowered my gaze to the floor, not knowing what to say or do. 

 She cupped my face, “Erica, look at me, please?”  She waited for our eyes to lock to continue.  “I wasn’t planning on sharing you with anybody or anything.  I want to enjoy you much more before I even want to think about telling our colleagues, okay?” 

My heart swelled at the thought that she really wanted me. She gave me a quick peck on the lips and tried to turn on her heels to go outside.  I pulled her back by her leather jacket and pushed her with her back against the door.  She gasped, surprised by this sudden turn.  My hand moved to her dark locks “God, you are so gorgeous” I whispered against her lips before kissing her deeply.  I let my tongue dance with hers, tasting and savouring every little spot.   Her hands found my hips and pulled my body closer.  When oxygen became an issue, we parted and rested our foreheads together.    I let my fingertips touch her jaw, lightly brushing over her neck, her collarbone and rested them on her chest.

 “Your heart is beating so fast Cal” I spoke softly.

 She let out a breath and shook her head slightly while a smile formed on her lips.   “What do you expect if you kiss me like that?”  

 “Sorry”  She silenced me with a finger over my lips. 

 “Sshht, never apologize for kissing me.  Better keep your sorry for the man whose knee I’ll amputate later instead of setting his shoulder because I couldn’t focus anymore, Hot Lips!” 

 We laughed at this, kissed softly once more and finally made it out of the house.  20’ minutes later we arrived at the hospital and as usual Callie hooked her arm in mine when we crossed the parking lot.  I was grateful that the elevator was empty so I had just a couple of more seconds alone with my raven haired beauty.  When the doors closed she took my hands, brought them to her mouth and kissed them tenderly.  This little gesture spoke of so much care that I felt my heart almost overflow.  With her lips still lingering on my skin, “Lunch?”. 


 “Now go and be brilliant Dr. Hahn” and she slapped me softly on the ass.  I raised my eyebrow at her but failed at my attempt to stare her down. 

 The doors of the elevator opened and they stepped out, both smiling.  Erica strode away in that typical Dr. Hahn step, head held up high, everything about her screamed nothing but professional concentration.  Before rounding the corner, she shouted over her shoulder

 “And for the record Dr. Torres: I’m always brilliant!” She turned her head slightly and winked at Callie with a smirk on her face. 

Callie couldn’t help but laugh and made her way to the orthopedic wing, almost bouncing on the floor.  After all the troubles she had in the past, life was definitely being good to her now!



(in the hospital)

Today was supposed to be a calm one, I had only 2 surgeries scheduled and plenty of time to meet Callie for lunch.  I was looking forward to spend some time with her, not seeing her all morning had be hard.  If I could only have seen a glimpse of her or be able to smell a fragrance of that coconut scrub, I would have been happy.  But it was almost 11 o’clock what meant that in 10’ I had a valva replacement and it seemed like Callie just disappeared!!  Before going to the OR, I decided to send her a quick message: Haven’t seen you all morning, now surgery, miss you … x E.

Surgery went well, but when Yang was about to close the guy, he flatlined!  We had to work hard to bring him back, but his condition remained critical and the next hours would be decisive for him.  Damnit, I missed lunch with Callie!  I went straight to my office to text her, but when I opened the door, she was already there.

 “Hey you”

 “Oh Cal I’m sorry I missed lunch, but the guy flatlined and we had to …”

 “Erica, it’s okay!  I saw on the board that you were still in surgery, so I just bought us some lunch and thought we could eat together when you got here.  So, you want some lunch Dr. Hahn?”  She wiggled her eyebrows and held up a paper bag.

 My body was filled with hunger, but not for food! So I locked the door and turned around, like a tiger eying my prey, a beautiful gazelle, desire flashing in my eyes.

“You know Dr. Torres”, and quickly closed the distance between us, “you can put the paper bag away, because my lunch” I gave her a quick once over “is standing right here!” 

She licked her lips and swallowed.  She was trapped against my desk and I was happy to take some advantage of that.  My left hand found its way to her hair pulling her into the right angle for a deep kiss.  I pushed my leg between hers causing a minor friction but enough to be felt by both of us and let my other hand cup her ass. 

“Now drop the bag and kiss me” my mouth hovering over her ear. 

The bag was catapulted through my office and her lips found mine in an instant.  The kiss was hungrily, hands roaming over curves, hips desperately searching for more friction.  She wrapped her legs around my waist, oh god this must be heaven! The tension in the room was electrifying and we both forgot time and place.  Labcoats were thrown off, scrubs were being tugged at. We jumped apart when my pager went off, damn a 911!!  We were both panting heavily thinking of  what would have happened if I hadn’t been paged.  I tried to regain my breath.


“I uhh, …., I have to get that,  …., it’s a 911.”  I put on and straightened my lab coat and tried to fix my tossled hair a bit.  I gave her a chaste kiss “to be continued ……… “ and with the door already open “soon!”  Before the door closed, I heard her say “count on it Dr. Hahn”.

  When I closed the door of my office, I was actually grateful, grateful that my pager had stopped us. I wanted her, I wanted her so bad that I had let my body take control over my mind. I want to taste her, I want to feel her, I want to push her over the edge, ...... but not like this. Not at work, not for only a couple of, wich I had no doubt would be earthshattering minutes. I had never wanted anybody with such an intensity and hunger as Cal. I, Erica Hahn, craved Callie Torres!

The 911 turned out to be a major trauma: the star of the footballteam had a cardiac arrest during the game!! We succeeded bringing him back and I ordered Yang to run some tests. In the meantime it was already 3 pm and my next surgery was scheduled in 15'. I went to the locker room for my scrub cap and quickly checked my cell phone: 1 new message.

“Can't stop thinking about you...xC”

With a smile on my face I replied

“Likewise xE”

 Surgery went well, I even let Yang take over in the middle and as expected, she didn't disappoint. I knew that one day she was going to be a top cardiothorac surgeon, she reminds me so much of a younger me.

I went to the nurse station to pick up some charts wich I still had to fill in later. Suddenly the space was filled by a deep warm laughter that could only belong to my raven haired beauty. A couple of seconds later Sloan and Callie rounded the corner, both laughing about who knows what. They had a strange understanding these two. How could you consider somebody a good friend, screw them at every avalable occasion, pull up your pants and talk about what's on tv next????? Callie once explained to me that Mark was just convenient, it was just sex, nothing more. She likes sex, so does he, they were both good at it and single, so no problem hey?? Besides they were good friends, so why not be friends with benefits? I made it very clear that I couldn't share her point of view. Or you just want to get laid, have a one-night-stand, chapter closed or you really like someone and go for the whole picture, no? She told me that I was oldfashioned, well, whatever!

As usual they were too much preoccupied with themselves to notice anybody else. I picked up my charts and made my way to them.

“Having fun girls?”

They stopped laughing immediately and brusquely turned around. Sloan shot me one of his disgusting charming smiles like he was the king of the world and women were kissing the ground on which he was walking. Couldn't impress me!

“Dr. Hahn, having trouble with your sight? If you just give me a minute, little Sloan will prove to you that there's more man to this body than the whole army together!”

He grinned so widely that I was almost blinded by the whiteness of his teeth.

“Dr. Sloan, a real man doesn't need to prove his manhood, only a boy does!”

Score for team Erica!! Callie tried to hold in her laughter while Sloan shot her a death glare.

“And for you Dr. Torres”

I had her attention in a second

“I just wanted to say that I found lunch utterly exciting!” my voice was low and gravelly. I saw her eyes darken and she swallowed audibly.  “I hope you'll join me for an even more delicious diner.” And with that I turned on my heels and strode away. When I looked over my shoulder I saw that she still stood frozen on the same spot and when her legs finally moved she bumped hard into the wall! She must have been thinking about lunch as well, I thought to myself. Mark yelled after her “Torres anything you wanna tell me?” I heard her smack him on the arm and told him to shut up.

When I entered my office, I saw the paper bag from lunch nicely put on my desk, with the text on it: Hot Lips, please eat! XC I took a sandwich out of the bag and decided to sit on my couch for a couple of minutes; Not even one bite swallowed and there was already a knock on the door.


“Dr. Hahn” yang came inside with a bunch of papers. “I have the testresults from soccerboy” &nd handed them to me. I quickly scanned all the documents.

“And what do you think Yang?” Focus on the teaching Erica, focus!!

“3 main arteries totally blocked, he needs a bypass as soon as possible. But it's a high risk surgery since we found a bloodclot in the aorta, which means that if this clot decides to do some travelling in the veins, the soccersteam will have a player less.”

“Okay, try to fix an OR for tonight, you'll be assisting me, okay?”

“Thank you Dr. Hahn”

“Oh and Yang, is his family already here?”

“Waiting room”

I'll finish my sandwich and go and talk with them.”



Callie's POV

It was almost 8 pm and our shifts would end in a couple of minutes. I couldn't wait to get out of here and spend the evening with Erica. She has been all I could think about all day and our lunch had intensified my hunger for her even more. I went to the resident lockers room, quickly changed into a jeans and T-shirt, checked my hair and make-up, put on my leather jacket and made my way to the lobby. My heart was beating fast while I was stepping from one foot onto the other .... I was nervous. Lunch had been electrifying and after Erica got paged I wondered what would have happened if we weren't interrupted. I had never been one with a lot of selfcontrol and when it came to Erica, it was even harder. But in the same time I don't want her to be like my previous lovers. Well lovers is a big word, I've never done relationships, it was just a hi-fuck-bye-thing! Well except for George. I don't know why, it's just that people only seemed interested to get me in there bed/car/against the wall/... and didn't wanted to know what I had to say. So I made it easy for them and easy for me, because that way I couldn't be disappointed when they lost their interest. But Erica, no, she made it clear that she didn't want to be one of those. For christ's sake, we kissed all night without having sex, that has never happened to me, .... but it felt wonderful! She wants me for who I am, she already did before, when we were friends, even then she made me feel wanted and loved. And I want Erica, all of her, she's like that precious gift that you want to keep in the paper to treasure some more and on the other hand you can't wait to unwrap it so teasingly slow just to be sure not to miss anything there's to discover.

“Hey Cal”

I quickly turn around in the lobby to find Erica walking towards me.

“Hey you” She gives me one of those rare smiles that warm my heart. I want nothing more than to drag her out of the hospital towards her place to spend the evening together. But hang on, why is she still in her scrubs?

“Erica, why are you still in your scrubs?” Her smile fades away and her eyes are already apologizing before she has even said a word.

“A trauma came in in the afternoon and the guy needs surgery as soon as possible, Yang booked an OR at 9 pm. It will be a high risk surgery and I won't be out of here before midnight, ... I'm sorry ....”

“I ... I can wait for you? I still have some paperwork, so I could finish it in your office and after surgery we could go to your place?” I pleaded her with my eyes, I just want to be with her.

“No Cal, don't wait for me, I don't know when I'll be finished and besides you need your beauty sleep to stay your gorgeous self!”

She has a smirk on her face and I can't help but beam one of my megawatt-smiles at her. She even makes me blush! I feel her stepping closer, her body almost touching mine. She lets her fingertips caress my hand so slowly and tender, this little gesture speaks of so much care for me that I want nothing more than wrap her in my arms and bring my lips to her to let her know what she does to me. But we can't, we're in the lobby of the hospital, damnit! With my eyes looking at our hands, I whisper ...

“I want to kiss you so badly right now that it hurts because I know we can't ....”

She lifts her eyes and locks her gaze on mine. She's studying my face trying to read me. She doesn't need words to know what I'm thinking, she never has, she knows me probably better than I know myself, so I let my eyes speak, telling her how much I want her to touch me, how much I need her. My eyes fall to her lips, the lips I could keep on kissing forever, the ones that make me forget my own name the moment they are pressed against mine. Unconsciously I lick my lips and I see her eyes follow the tip of my tongue.

“God, Cal I ....” She looks up at the ceiling like she's searching for some courage to keep a distance between us. “I'm just gonna hug you because I need to feel you close to me, even if it's only for a second.”

She pulls me in a thight embrace and a sigh escapes me as I feel the warmth of her body pressed againts mine. She holds onto me much longer than friends normally do. I let one of my hands travel slowly over her back whilst I play with the litlle blonde curls in her neck. I can feel her hot breath on my cheeck when she speaks.

“You're making it very hard for me Cal. I'm struggling not to back you up against the wall and kiss you with everything I have. So I'm gonna let you go now that I still can and I'll call you when I'm finished here, 'kay?” She reluctantly brakes the embrace and takes a step backwards.

“Okay” I say almost whispering. She's about to walk away from me, when I stop her.


With my right hand on her neck I pull her a bit closer so my lips are almost touching her ear.

“Just so you know, the backing me up againts the wall, totally hot” I feel her shiver. I give her a silent quick kiss on her ear and turn around to go home. Before stepping outside, I look over my shoulder and see her still standing there looking at me with the most sprakling blue eyes I've ever seen.



I wake up from some noise coming out of the kitchen, probably Christina. I rub my eyes, must have fallen asleep on the couch while I was waiting for Erica to call me. Just check my cell phone, it's 3 am and I have 1 message: Just out of surgery, still some charts to do, I'll probably stay here. Sweet dreams Gorgeous xE.

I feel thirsty, so I get up and go to the kitchen. Christina is standing at the counter helping herself to a plate of chinese leftovers.

“Did you finish long time ago Chris?”

"If you want to know if the ice queen already left, then just ask Torres!"

"What??  I didn't ask about Erica and stop calling her the ice queen, she's not!!"

"Whatever" Christina said rolling her eyes.  "I go to bed".  Before closing the door of her room she shouted "She's still there Torres"

I went back to the couch and decided to text her: Wish you were here ... xC  Totally cheesy I know ... It took only a minute before my cell bleeped: Just close your eyes and I'm there with you ... xE   With my phone close to my heart I fell asleep thinking about a certain beautiful blonde.














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