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Just you (4/?)


Title: Just you (4/?)
Pairing: the lovely Erica and Callie
Rating: PG-17
Summary: starts with the kiss in the parking lot. 
Disclaimer:All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.
Author's note: sorry for the not so perfect English!!

(Callie’s POV)

 I wake up with my face down on the couch.  My nostrils are filled with a disgusting smell, somewhere between cheesy nacho’s, sweat and beer …  I slowly open my eyes and notice my lips are pressed to the fabric of the couch, well actually my bed.  God this is so revolting!  I need a bed, I really really need a bed and soon!  I even don’t want to think about the things that happened on this couch,  if the smell is an indication of the recent activities displayed on this furniture, I’m going to throw up!   What time is it?  It seems still dark outside.  My phone, I need my phone!  Where did I put it when I fell asleep?????  Damn it, if only my brain cells would work a bit!  Think Torres, just think!  I texted Erica and ..... must have fallen asleep with my phone in my hand.  So, either I’m sitting on it or it has fallen on the floor.  So, couch or floor?  I’m not totally awake, so there’s no point in letting my eyes scan the surroundings, better to rely on my touch.  First the couch, not feeling anything, no ….  No …… n – yes!!!!!!!  We have a winner!  What time is it?  Hmm, 4am and no message from Erica, pfff…  It is hard not to be around her, me having to sleep on my couch knowing that she’s only across the street in her office …  I think back to our goodbye in the lobby tonight and I feel the heaviness of it fall on my chest.  It broke my heart not to be able to kiss her, hoping my eyes spoke the words of my heart, the words my lips weren’t able to form.  I don’t want this to happen again tomorrow morning, well actually in a couple of hours, I really need to spend some time with her alone.  So if she can’t come here, then ……… I’ll go there!!  Damn, you’re smart Torres, I think to myself all giggly.  I put on my jacket, take my bag with some clothes for the next days in it, purse and hop out of the apartment the cold night in.  I almost run to the hospital, nothing can stop me cause I, Calliope Iphigenia Torres am a woman on a mission! 

 When I enter the hospital, I’m immediately surrounded by the calmness of the building at night.  Somehow it feels safe, like for just a moment the world is sleeping, no bad things are happening, everything is breathing silence.  I know that this is only a dreamy thought because behind the lobby, through the doors, in the OR and at the emergency department, the world is playing a whole different game, the one of life and death.  I take the elevator to the cardio wing and make my way to Erica’s office.  There’s a small light shining through the blinds, she’s probably still working on some charts.  I quietly open the door and step in.
Erica?” I ask softly and lock the door.  She doesn’t respond so I turn around.  There she is, my golden angel, sitting on her couch, charts on her lap, her face lying on her left arm, blonde curls hanging over the armrest.  She’s breathing steadily, she probably fell asleep whilst working, exhaustion taking over from my cardio goddess.  I smile, she looks so peaceful …  I don’t want to wake her up, so I carefully take the charts from her lap and place them on her desk.  I kneel before her to undo her shoes and make sure the blinds are totally closed, so nobody can see us.  She will feel totally cracked up in a couple of hours if she stays in this position, so I decide to move her, well easier said than done!  I lift her legs from the ground onto the couch and try to push my arm under her back so I can scoop her up in my arms to lay her down.  As I have her almost in my arms I hear her sleepy gravelly voice.
Yeah Erica, it’s me”
What are you doing?”
Shh, go back to sleep, I’m just trying to scoop you up”
Are you going to kidnap me?” I hear the teasing in her voice.
Yes, for the next 3 hours you’ll be my hostage!  Now, sleep.” 
She lays herself down on the couch and I quickly get rid of my jacket, kick of my shoes and lay myself next to her.  She immediately wraps her arms around my waist and pulls me close. 
Cal, why are you here?  You need to sleep.”  I let her head rest on my shoulder as I brush some golden locks out of her face.
I need to be close to you Erica.  I found it so hard not to be able to kiss you in the lobby and when I woke up, I … I just need to be around you for some time okay?”
She looks at me with her deep blue eyes and despite the tiredness, I can see sparkles in them.
Thank you” she whispers.
For what?”
For being here”
I lean in and let my lips brush over hers, a tender touch, our warm breaths tickling each others skin.  I pull back slightly to look at her.  Her eyes are closed, lips slightly parted.  My God, she really is breathtaking …  She doesn’t give me time to register this beautiful image in my mind as she leans in again.  When her lips find mine she lets out a small sigh, which makes my stomach flutter.  This must be one of the cutest noises I’ve ever heard!  I can’t help but smile against her lips.  She must feel it too because she softly squeezes in my back.  I feel her tongue tracing my bottom lip and I suck her velvet muscle very delicate in my mouth.  This kiss is not at all hurried.  It is a slow, deep dance of tongues and lips, telling everything that needs to be told.  A low groan escapes from deep within me when I feel her fingertips hover over the exposed naked skin above the waistband of my jeans.  But this kiss is not about urgent hot making out, so we keep it slow.  I cup her cheek with my hand and break the kiss for some air. 
Mmm” she says with her eyes still close “I’ll be your hostage forever if you keep on kissing me like that"
I chuckle and let my lips capture hers gentle one more time.
Now you need to sleep a bit Erica, you’ve been working a lot of hours and our next shifts start at 8 am, so please sleep, I’ll stay here with you” 
I turn of the light and pull the blanket (for some reason Erica always has a blanket packed underneath every couch) on top of us.  She nuzzles her face in the crook of my neck, her breath sending shivers down my body, her lips slightly touching the exposed skin.  I hold her close and hope she finds sleep soon.  I stay awake a bit listening to her breathing, enjoying the warmth of het body pressed against mine.  Suddenly the poem my mother used to tell me before going to sleep pops up in my mind.  In the darkness of the office filled with silence and serenity, I remember the lines marking my childhood, the same lines that made me feel so loved every night and I whisper:

Little fairy
Shine so bright
Little fairy
Show your light 

Little fairy
I’m amazed
Little fairy
You seem to blaze 

Little fairy
I love your allure
Little fairy
You are so pure 

Little fairy
In case you flee
Little fairy
First shine on me 

I feel soft lips pressing tender against my skin. “Beautiful” I hear her murmur.  I close my eyes and let her take me along the journey of sweet dreams and stars.


Damn!  Whoever invented alarms should be executed!!  I reach over to Erica’s cell and turn of the alarm.  It’s 7.30 am, in 30’ our shifts start.  Mmmm, lips on mine …
Goodmorning my beautiful kidnapper?”
"Or should I say my little poet?"
"Erica, don't make fun of it, my mama used to tell this poem to me every night and ..."  I’m silenced by luscious pink lips on my own.

It was absolutely beautiful and adorable” she breathes in my mouth and deepens the kiss fiercely, but unfortunately pulls away rather quickly.
As much as I hate to get up, I have to shower” she says.
I know, …, I’ll go and find some coffee and breakfast and meet you’re here in 15’?”
We get up and go separate ways.  When I come back into her office with some coffee, she's already there smelling all fresh and delicious. 
"I got you some coffee and a disgusting healthy banana for my cardiofreak!"
"So now I'm already a freak?" she replies with her eyebrow raised whilst drinking the dark liquid.
"My freak" I say before giving her a quick kiss and making my way to the door.  "I have to do some rounds, can I come to your place after work?"
"I was counting on that!  But before you go, I still have a little a little surprise for you."
The moment I hear this, I turn around and my face breaks into a big smile.  "I love surprises!!"
"I know" she grins "since you have the day off tomorrow but I needed to work, I asked the chief to switch my schedule so I could be off as well as you ..... so I would like to take you out for a day, that's if you want to" she adds with her eyes to the floor.
I throw my arms around her neck "I'd love to spend the day with you!  Where are you taking me?"
"You'll see tomorrow!  Now go and work Gorgeous"
I kiss her one last time and walk out the door to be absorbed in the chaos of Seatle Grace.

 At the end of our shifts, we meet in the lobby and decide to take Erica's car.  20’ later we arrive at her place.  As we go inside, I see her rolling her neck and from the look on her face, she is clearly in pain.
Erica, you’re okay?”
Yes, I’m fine, my neck and shoulders are just a bit blocked from a lot of hours in the OR and falling asleep on my couch.  Guess you were right after all Torres, I must be getting old!”  She tries to smile, but it doesn’t meet her eyes, pain still visible within them.
You’re clearly not okay, so why don’t you take a nice hot shower to relax those muscles of yours and in the meantime I’ll fix us something to eat?”
You’re sure you don’t mind Cal?”  she asks with worry on her face.
Nope, now go and shower” and to lighten the mood a bit, I add “my Hot Lips!”
She rolls her eyes in this typical Dr. Hahn-way and goes upstairs.  

I quickly scan the cupboards and find everything I need for a simple pasta.  I’m setting the table when I hear her coming downstairs.  No that’s not true, I can smell her even before I hear her.  You see, Erica always uses this vanilla/almond flavored showergel and shampoo which suits her perfectly.  It smells sweet, just like a cupcake, but I never told her that.  I inhale deeply cherishing the sweet perfume tickling my nostrils.  I feel her arms wrap around me from behind and I lean back, letting my head rest on her shoulder.  I enjoy the feeling of little waterdrops falling on my face from her fresh washed hair. 
Mmm Cal, something smells delicious” By now her lips are on my neck placing delicate soft kisses on the exposed skin.
Yes you” I blurt out before I can register it.  I feel her lips turning into a slight smile.
Well thank you, but I was actually talking about the food.  I’m starving”  She pulls back slowly and gives me a last kiss on my shoulder.  It’s then that she notices that my shirt is a bit wet on the shoulders due to the waterdrops of her hair.
Oh Cal I’m sorry, I made you all wet” she says almost apologizing.
I turn to the stove to put some food on the plates “You got that right” I murmur feeling my panties sticking to my jeans.  I hand her a plate with a large potion of pasta on it.
Voila madame, tonight we have a tomato and mushroom pasta, with only a little splash of cream, making sure our arteries stay nice and clean for the cardio goddess” I wink at her playfully.  She looks amazed at the food, genuinely surprised by my creation.
I didn’t know you could cook?”  She can’t hold herself anymore and takes a quick bite.  She closes her eyes for a second and a moan escapes her mouth. “Oh this is sooooo good!  How come you never told me you’re a great cook, or better showed me??”
I have to keep you interested, no?  Besides, cooking is only one of my many talents!”  I say very dramatically. “But it’s just a pasta Erica, let’s enjoy while it’s still warm.  Bon appétit!” 
On hearing those last words she raises her eyebrow in a teasing way.

Does my Callie speaks French?”
My Callie, I love it when she says that, she’s claiming me without knowing it and it makes me feel loved.  I can’t help but giggle.
No, I don’t sorry, just ‘bon appétit’”  She’s still looking at me, so I decide to play along and bring some pasta to my mouth, but stop just before my lips. “But I do know how to give a French Kiss” I say wiggling my eyebrows and letting my tongue dart out to taste the pasta.  Our gazes lock on each other and all of a sudden we both burst out laughing like fools.
I bet you do Torres” Erica says and winks at me.
The rest of the meal is comfortable, we talk, tease and laugh, just like we always do. 

After dinner I put our plates in the sink and clear the rest of the table.
“More wine Erica?”
I fill half of her glass and when I put the bottle back on the table, I feel her hand on my leg, gently stroking up and down my thigh.  She looks at me intensely, warmth radiating from her blue eyes.  “Come here for a sec” she asks in a soft tone.  I love this soft side of her, I love that she only let me see it.  I sit across her lap so that I’m straddling her, facing her directly.  She moves her face towards my ear.  I expect her to say something to me, but instead I feel her lips brushing over my cheek, placing moist tender kisses along my jawline going further down my neck.  Her hands are playing with the top of my shirt, her fingertips tracing my collarbone.  I let my head fall backwards, exposing more of my neck.  She continues this slow assault on my skin, now and then giving small bites in the caramel texture.  She is absolutely driving me crazy!  When I feel her hands softly caressing my breasts, I can’t hold back the moan coming from deep within me.
Oh God”
No, just me” I hear her whisper.  Her hands have reached my hips to finally cup my ass firmly.  Her lips leave my neck and she brings them just before my mouth. 
Now about that French kiss Torres, why don’t you show me?”  Her eyes have just turned a darker shade of blue, one that I’ve never seen before.
I was planning on it” I breath in her mouth before pulling her in for a deep kiss.  From this moment I forget time, place, even my own name.  I’m swallowed by this kiss.  I hear moaning, could be me, could be her, I don’t know;  She pulls me closer by my ass, the wet texture of my panties tickling my clit in a very pleasant way.  I can’t help but start a slow but steady rhythm, my hips grinding down, her hands pushing me towards her even more with every trust.  My hormones come in overdrive and I want to kiss her even deeper.  So I gently push her head aside for a better angle when I feel her body tensing up.  I pull away from the kiss and look at her.
What’s wrong Erica?  Did I go to fast?  Because we can slow down if you want …?” I whisper.
I just made a wrong movement for my neck, it’s a bit painful, that’s all.  Just some sleep and more kisses and it will be over in the morning”.  She leans in again, but her face has pain all written over it when she turns her head slightly.
Okay, that’s it Erica Hahn, upstairs lady!”
What?” she asks me.  I can tell that she’s a bit confused.
The magical hands of Dr. Torres will make you all better, so get your pretty ass upstairs, take some oil and lay yourself down on the bed.  I’ll be there in a minute!”
It’s okay Cal, you don’t have to do that, I can take a painkiller?”
I put my finger under her chin lifting her face until she looks me straight in the eyes.
Erica, I know you’re not used to people taking care of you, but I’m not just somebody, okay?  Please let me give you a back massage, you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.  Besides, I want you to be in full shape tomorrow for my surprise!” I say with a smile on my face.
I give her a quick peck on the lips and leave her lap so she can go upstairs.  She’s almost on the top of the stairs when I hear her call my name.
Yeah?” I turn around to look at her.
You’ll never be just somebody to me” she says softly and steps into the bedroom.  Still standing frozen on the same spot as a second ago, I say to myself Neither will you Erica.

My mind descends back to the present caused by the state of arousal of my body.  Here I am, standing in the kitchen of my best friend turning into something more, nipples peeking through my top, my clit almost drowning in the lake of pleasure between my legs!  And I just promised her to give a back massage, meaning touching her NAKED skin and I’m already so turned on that I’ll have to fight an orgasm with all the strength I have in me …  when I think about it, this is the first time in my life that I’m fighting against my own body!  Oh God, this is going to be torture.  I need to cool down, what can I do, think Torres!  Icecubes, icecubes, perfect, I’ll just put some icecubes in my pants!  I search the freezer, damn it Erica, no icecubes!!!  But wait a minute ….. the fridge is also very cold!  You’re a genius Torres, I’ll just squeeze myself behind the door of the fridge!  Thank god nobody can see me now, being sandwiched in the fridge because I’m all hot and bothered.  After almost being turned into a stalagmite, I go upstairs and quickly change into a t-shirt and boxers in the bathroom.  When I enter the bedroom, my breath hitches in my throat.  There she is, my Erica, the object of my adoration, lying naked on the bed, only covered from her hips by a sheet.  The room is slightly lit by a couple of candles, their flames dancing in the air, painting fluent patterns on her naked back.  Her voice interrupts my trance.

You’re okay Gorgeous? The oil is here on the bedside table, I took the same as my showergel, the vanilla/almond one.”
O…..kay” I stutter, still trying to register this magical sight.  When I go to pick up the oil, I feel her hand on my innerthigh.  Her touch on my naked skin makes me swallow.
You’re sure you’re okay?  Because you don’t have to, you know that?”  She turns her head to look at me sounding very worried.  If I want to take al her worries away, I’ll have to be honest with her, so I kneel beside the bed, letting my head rest next to her.  There are some blonde locks falling over her face and I push them behind her ear placing a soft kiss on her lips.   My voice is nothing more than a whisper when I speak to her.
Everything is okay Erica.  It was just such a beautiful sight when I came into the room.  You are so incredible beautiful that sometimes you, Erica Hahn, take my breath away …. And you just did …”
Her eyes are shining and a slight blush is visible on her check. 
You’re cute when you blush Dr. Hahn” and I quickly kiss her nose rising to my feet again.  I get on the bed and position myself over her so that I’m straddling her hips.  Warming the oil in my hands I raise my eyes to the ceiling, silently praying for some help and discipline for what I’m about to do.  The moment my hands touch her sensitive skin, little moans escape our mouths which make me chuckle. 
Oh I must be in heaven Cal”
I let my fingers trace the curve of her spine, adding more pressure now and then.  I’m amazed by how muscular her back is, you can see the muscles clearly tensing and relaxing under my touch, this is so fascinating.  My hands glide further over her back all the way to her shoulders.  Her hair covers the top of her shoulder, making it impossible for me to kneed the flesh.  So I lean forward and let my lips brush the exposed skin between her shoulderblades making her shiver. 
Erica, your hair is a bit in the way and my hands are full of oil.”
Sorry, I’ll put it in a bun okay?”  She pushes herself up on her elbows and pulls her hair together.  She doesn’t know that I catch a glimpse of a creamy almost porcelain breast topped with a pink erected nipple.  I swallow thinking that this sight must be the definition of perfection.
Better Cal?” she asks me when she’s lying down again.
Perfect” I whisper and I’m not talking about her hair …
My hands and fingers kneed her muscles using my body weight for extra pressure, making sure all the blockages are gone.  I close my eyes concentrating on my task.  When the oil on my hands becomes dry, I open my eyes and hear her steady soft breathing.  She must have fallen asleep, clearly exhausted.  And I look down at the body laying under me, my eyes scanning every inch of exposed skin.  Here she is, my Erica and I sigh.  I ....... I need to feel her, I need to be close to her.  So I get up from the bed and remove my T-shirt and boxers. 

It was a magical sight.  Callie stood next to Erica, stripped bare naked, her ebony hair falling in curly waves over her shoulders, her eyes shining with what only can be seen as love and dedication.  She was the name Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, worth.  The light of the candles covering her caramel skin in a golden glow.  Her breasts standing proudly up, feminine curves ending in a perfect stripe of little dark curls. 

 I crawl softly on the bed, careful not to wake her up and kneel beside her.  I remove the sheet from her hips, I want to feel all of her.  I smile when I see the panties covering her ass, they have grey and white stripes on it with the following text: it’s casual, no?  She keeps on surprising me, who would think that the world famous Dr. Hahn wears panties like this????  For a second I let my fingers trace the waistband of her panties when I spot something.  When I push the fabric a bit lower, my jaw drops!!!  She has a ……. Tattoo!!!!!!!  Now I’m gobsmacked, I never imagined Erica having a tattoo, bit I think it’s hot, like … seriously hot!  On the right side of her lower back she has this little white orchid, faintly pink in the middle, its stalk curling into a music note … This is soooo beautiful, I wonder what it means … I place a tender kiss on the orchid before covering it back under her panties.  I sigh and position my body over Erica’s, using my strong arms to lower myself onto her.   

The room was completely silent, as if it understood the importance yet the fragility of what was about to happen between the 2 women.  Callie’s heartbeat was fast, knowing that she was going to speak the most honest words of her life meaning every single one of them.  She laid her head in the crook of Erica’s neck, her lips close to her cheek, their fingers entwined.  Her voice barely a whisper when she spoke:

 “Erica, I need to feel you, I need to be close to you, now, even if you sleep.  I just need to say these words to you, for me, for you, for us.  You’re my best friend, you know me better than I know myself.  You’re honest, smart, pure and so incredible beautiful.  I know that I hurt you by going to Mark and I’m sorry for that.  I was fighting an inner battle that I could never win because I can’t fight my best friend, I can’t fight you.  I want you Erica and I’m done fighting, so I can say this to you without freaking out.  You Erica Hahn are the magic in my life and I’m falling for you, so hard and fast that it scares me but I know that you’ll be there to catch me.  At this moment I give you the most precious part of me, ….. I give you my heart, please be careful with it …”  I feel a single tear escaping my eye and falling down on Erica’s neck.  I close my eyes and let me be close to her a little longer. 
When I shiver from the cold air in the room, I push myself up and put my shirt and boxers back on.  I lay myself next to Erica and try to wake her softly with stroking her back slowly. 

Erica, sweetie, you fell asleep, just put on your t-shirt”
No sleepy Cal” she murmured.
How do I have to sleep with a naked Erica next to me???  But I don’t want to wake her again, so I pull the comforter on both of us and let my hand draw lazy circles on her back.  I’m enjoying the feeling of her skin under my fingertips.  But then Erica turns on her side, pushing her back in my body so that I’m spooning her.  I put my arm very carefully around her waist, brushing my fingers over her stomach, sending lightning through my body.  This is going to be a difficult night, knowing that those creamy breasts are in my handreach!  Erica moves again and grabs my hand that is resting on her stomach.
Nonono, don’t do this to me, this is torture’ I say through my teeth, but Erica brings our entwined hands further up bringing them to rest between her breast close to her heart.  I have to suppress a laugh, a nervous laugh! 
“You’re evil Hahn” I say against the skin of her back and close my eyes hoping that morning will come soon!

 Callie never saw Erica’s lips curl up in a slight smile, or was it just a twitch of a nerve in her sleep?


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