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Date Night: What a date!!

Title: What a date!!
Author: rredken
Pairing: Callica
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Erica takes Callie on a first date / Date Night!!!!!!
Disclaimer:All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.

(Erica's POV)

2 days ago I asked her out on a date and tonight’s the night!  I thought I would be very nervous, but actually … I’m not.  For the first time in my life I’m ready to show someone more of the real Erica, the real me.  Perhaps because this is not a flirt, this is Callie, my best friend, my present  ….. and hopefully my future.  So I planned a date she isn’t expecting I think, because there will be no bar, no restaurant, so not a date-date like Callie likes to call it.  I told her to wear something casual and to be ready at 8 pm.  I’ve put on my dark blue jeans and a grey long-sleeve T-shirt that Callie said she liked very very much, so the grey T-shirt it is!  I stopped at the florist, wanting to do this right and give my girl flowers.  I went for ‘less is more’ and picked out a snowwhite amaryllis, the flower for enchanting beauty, so perfect for Callie.

 As I stand before her door, ready to knock, I hear her stumbling, cursing mixed with some music, … and I just have to smile imagining the scene that is now probably going on behind the door.   All so typically Callie, being clumsy when she’s nervous.  As confident as she tries to present herself, I know I have the ability to make her nervous, to make her ramble, to make her get lost in her own conversations.  It warms my heart that I do that to her.  I knock once and give her some time to come to the door.  I lean against the doorframe waiting for my raven haired beauty.  As she opens the door, she starts to apologize for being a bit late and having to hurry and … I cut her off with a soft kiss and I feel her relax immediately.  With my free hand I gently caress her cheek and she leans in the touch.

 “Hi Gorgeous” I say looking into her big brown orbs.

 “Hey you” she whispers back.

 “I brought you something” and I give her the single flower I picked out.  Her eyes soften and they are shining with warmth.

 “It’s beautiful Erica.  I love flowers!”

 “It’s an ..”

 “Amaryllis” she says to my surprise.  “My parents have a big garden at home and I used to help my mom with all the flowers.”  She winks at me and turns to the counter to put the flower in some water.  I come up behind her, press my body to her back, wrapping my arms around her waist.  I nuzzle my face in her hair, inhaling her unique scent.

 “Do you know the meaning of the amaryllis … my little gardener?” I ask her in a playful tone and I just know that she’s smiling widely.

 “No, but I’m sure the almighty Erica Hahn is about to tell me” She’s mocking me which makes me chuckle.  I bring my lips over her ear and whisper.

 “An amaryllis stands for enchanting beauty and that’s what I see when I look at you …” I place a soft kiss on her ear and she turns around to look me deep in the eyes.  Her gaze is intense and for a moment I’m afraid I said something wrong.  But then she cups my face with both hands and brings our lips together.  She kisses me deep, yet so tender, so sweet, it’s a kiss full of promises that makes me weak in the knees.  When we pull slightly apart, I rest my forehead against hers.

 “Thank you” she says softly and my lips curl up in a smile.  I love it when she speaks in a soft tone, she only talks to me in that voice.

 “You’re ready to go on a date with me Dr. Torres?”

 “Absolutely Dr. Hahn!  Where are you taking me?”  She turns around to take her purse and leads us through the door.

 “Hmm, well that’s a surprise!”

 “Ow, Erica, I love surprises” and she looks like a child that just has gotten the biggest lollypop in the world.  I take her hand in mine and give it a little squeeze.

 “I know you do” and we walk to my car.  The drive is short, but nice.  We talk, laugh and tease like we always do.  I stop at the park where our date can begin, but before getting out I lean in to whisper in her ear “You look lovely tonight Cal”.

 “Thank you, so do you!  I love that grey shirt by the way” I cock my head to the side because I know.  Realization dawns on her and she wiggling her eyebrow playfully.  “Did the hardcore Erica Hahn put that shirt on especially for her date, who happens to be me???"  I’m not ashamed, but still I feel a blush creep up my cheeks.  “Are you blushing Dr. Hahn?  Cute!”

 “Get out of the car Torres” I grin and get out myself.  She links her arm trough mine and we walk over to the entrance of the park, where I stop.  I take both of her hands in mine and bring them to my lips for a tender kiss.

 “I haven’t planned a date-date like you call it, but more of a true Erica-date.  We’ve already spend a lot of time together, but I haven’t opened up completely.  And I want you to know me, so tonight I’ll show you some more of the real me, Erica, not Dr. Hahn.”  I study her face trying to read her, hoping that she understood what I was trying to say and be happy with this date.  She breaks into this megawatt-smile of hers that goes all the way up to her shining brown eyes.  And I know that I made the right decision about bringing her here.  “So if you’re up to it, I like to take you on this art-walk in the park because I love art and I want to show you.”  I have hardly the time to finish my sentence before she pulls me in a tight embrace.

 “It sounds great and I can’t wait to see more of the real you because I happen to be a big fan of Erica” she whispers with her face buried in my hair. 

 “Then let’s go Dr. Torres!” We walk into the park and I explain her what this art-walk is about. “This is a community of artists who organize 2 times a year as they call it ‘an art-walk’.  But it’s all kinds of art, so there will be music, dance, painting and drinks/food.  I have done it before and I love it, so I’ll hope you do too.”

 “I’m sure I’ll do” she says, her eyes beaming with almost childish enthusiasm.  She looks around and notices that the direction of the walk is indicated by candles in the grass, making the park bath in a romantic glow.  Her mouth is slightly open as she takes in our surroundings.

 “So I guess you like the location?”

 She takes my hand in hers and squeezes it gently.  “This is so beautiful Erica” she tells me in that soft voice that makes me go all mushy.  I bring my hand up and caress her face slowly.  “So are you” I whisper before brushing my lips ever so light over hers.  We grin like lovesick fools afterward as we continue our walk. 

 The first scene that we come across is an exhibition from a photographer specialized in snatching everyday-moments.  No big deal you may say, but these pictures are amazing.   

 “Erica look at this one” she pulls me by the hand to a picture from a hotdog-vendor who is smiling so broadly that it is infectious.  “I know it’s an everyday image but when you look at his face, there’s so much happiness written on it that it gives you hope for life.  You know what I mean?” she asks me, her eyes all sparkling. 

 “Yes I do, that’s what I like about this exhibition, just normal day stuff that tells so much more if you only take the time to really look at it.  Come, I’ll show you my favorite.”  I guide her to the last picture of this stand, a little girl with a bruise on her knee, clearly just fallen and her mom kissing the tip of her nose.  I stare at the picture letting all my emotions swirl around in my body and mind.  Callie wraps one arm around my waist while she places the other on my stomach.  She looks at me sincerely interested and asks “Why do you like this picture so much Erica?”  I swallow to stop the emotional whirlwind inside of me.  “Because there’s no one who can sooth your pain away like a mother can”  She seems surprised by my answer, but doesn’t ask further “and because this picture shows unconditional love.  A mum doesn’t need words to express herself, a simple gesture like the kiss on the nose of the little girl, speaks of so much love and tenderness, words will never be able to tell.”  I’m actually more talking to myself than to Callie, but when I feel her pulling me a bit closer and laying her head against my chest, I know she has been listening the whole time.

 “You are amazing, do you know that Erica?  To me, you are so amazing” she whispers and looks up to me and kisses my nose quickly which makes my heart flutter.  I give her a warm smile, she’s the first one that I want to know me and it doesn’t scare me, no, this, my Callie, feels right *sigh*

 We continue our walk and on our way to the next stop, we are offered a glass of champagne. 

 “Bubbles madame?”

 “Ofcourse Dr. Hahn” she replies with a smirk.  We raise our glasses and toast on our date.  “To tonight, to this already wonderful Erica-date, to us!”  We bring our glasses together and sip our sparkling liquid.  She comes closer and brushes my hair over my shoulders.  When she dips the tip of her pink in her bubbles, I raise my eyebrow because I haven’t got a clue about what she’s doing.  But then she brings the tip of her pink to my face and sweeps it softly behind my ears while the words “Buena suerte mi Erica” roll off her tongue.  My Callie can be so gentle, unbelievable and I love it.  “It means good luck” she explains to me.  We talk and drink our champagne as we go over to a little stage.  There are only a couple of chairs before the stage, obviously not enough for all the people walking over to this stop.  Callie takes a seat and I stand beside her, but she surprises me and in a quick move she pulls me sideling onto her lap. 

 “Calliiiiieeee” I squeak out from surprise and I hear her laugh.

 “Stop screaming Hahn!” she’s still shaking from laughter when she wraps her arms around me “I just want you close to me.  By the way, don’t let anyone hear it, but you scream like a real girl!“

We both laugh at this comment because this is so unlike Dr. Hahn, but actually very Erica and we both know.  We turn our attention to the stage where a couple brings Buenos Aires to live, dancing the tango.  All the while I enjoy sitting in Callie’s lap, being so close to her.  Suddenly I feel her fingertips sneak under the hem of my shirt crawling slowly further up until they reach the bare skin of my stomach.  My muscles jump under her touch and I hear her sigh.  I lean into her and place my arm over her shoulder around her neck, so I’m closer to her and her hands are hidden for the crowd.  I look at her face and she’s smiling.  Probably because I’m not freaking out about her touching me, but the truth is, I like it, very very much.  As she sneaks her other hand also under my shirt, but this one at the backside, full in view for everybody, I have to put a stop to it. 

 “Cal what the hell are you doing?”  I whisper in her ear.

 “I’m searching for your lovehandles” she replies in a teasing way.

 “Take the hand at my backside out of my shirt, everybody can see that, okay?  ….. And by the way, I so do NOT have lovehandles Torres!”  using my Dr. Hahn – voice. 

 “I know that now” she smirks and I shake my head.  Her left hand leaves my shirt and when she start pulling her fingers away from my stomach, I stop her.  “Leave it there” she looks at me surprised and I bring my mouth close to her ear “I like it when you touch me … and this” I place my hand on my shirt over hers “nobody can see it” My lips brush over her earlobe and I feel her shiver.  By now the acrobats are saying goodbye and everybody stands up to leave.  I move to stand up, but she holds me firm on her lap, damn, she’s strong!  She turns her face and looks at me.  Even in the darkness of the evening I can see that her eyes have darkened and are clouded with what I assume is desire.  I’m sure she can read the same in my eyes, because when I lean in, she quickly closes the distance between us and our lips find each other in a deep soulsearching kiss.  I forget that a minute ago I asked her not to touch me in front of everyone, I forget place and time and loose myself in her.  Callie groans and as her fingers brush over my stomach, I can’t hold the moan from deep inside me.  We pull apart in desperate need for oxygen, both breathing heavily.  She quickly looks around.

 “Euhm, Erica, everybody is gone, perhaps we need to go as well?”

 “Okay, …. When I get my breath under control .............. you’re gonna be the death of me Cal”  We get up and all giggling make our way to the third stop.  Callie is chatting cheerful about some gossip she heard earlier at work, when my eyes spot the next artists, 2 beautiful women getting bodypainted, their body leaving nothing to my imagination, dressed only in a tiny tiny tong.  The painters are working on them with such a delicacy, just like they're creating a new wonder. When Callie stops chatting and sees the 2 almost naked ladies her eyes widen in an instant.  I shake my head at her expression and let my eyes travel over the bodypainted women, this is beautiful done.

 “Erica, you’re staring” I hear her say.

 “I’m not Cal!  This bodypainting is just beautiful, look at all the lines and the colours.”

 “Yeah right, like you’re looking at the figures painted on them!”  She has a slight angry tone in her voice, which surprises me.

 “Cal what do you mean?  I really am looking at the artistic side of it and …” It downs on me, she thinks I’m looking at their bodies, at their nakedness.  I take her in my arms and lift her chin so that her gaze meets mine.  “Callie Torres, are you jealous?” 

 “Nooo” she scoffs and tries to look away.  Well have you ever, she’s jealous, ha!!!!

 “You are jealous” she starts to wiggle on her feet and crosses her arms.  Her eyes can’t avoid mine and she sighs.  “I’ll take that as a yes Torres” kiss her nose and pull her in the direction of our last stop.  We pick up on our normal banter, which is more than comfortable.  On our way, we come across a small resto-place where we can eat something in walking diner style. 

 “I shall get us something to eat, you pick a table Gorgeous?”

 “Sure” she replies and I get to the counter.  Hmm, delicious, oysters!!  I ask for a plate of oysters and 2 glasses of white wine.  I make my way over to Callie and place everything on the table.

 “It’s oysters and white wine, okay for you?”

 “Wine is fine, but actually I’ve never eaten oysters” she says a bit embarrassed.

 “That’s okay, would you like to try?  I’ll show you”  I pick up an oyster, put some pepper and lemon on it and bring it to my mouth.  As the delicious flesh and its saltiness glides on my tongue, I notice that Callie’s eyes are glued to my face.  Her eyes have darkened again and she’s licking her lips.  She leans over the table and when she speaks her voice is low and husky.

 “I don’t know how it tastes, but I’m happy to watch you eat oysters all night long”

 “Well I don’t mind, because these are to die for.  You want to taste one?”

 “I don’t know if I like the flavor.  Does it tastes like the sea or what?”

 “Come here” I motion her to come a bit closer and I bring my lips softly to hers, letting my tongue sweep tenderly over her mouth.  When I pull back, she stands in front of me, eyes closed, mouth slightly open.  “Open your eyes sweetie and lick your lips, so you can taste the oyster”  She does what I ask and I hear a little moan when the taste reaches her in full explosion. 

 “Hmm, yammie, it’s a bit salty.”  After this, she really tries an oyster and I’m very happy that she likes it, because I adore them and I can't wait to savour them with her, preferable naked in bed with drops of champagne travelling over her skin .... Focus Erica, focus!!!! We finish our plate and wine and just enjoy being here together.

We arrive at the last stop of the art-walk. There are some musicians on stage already preparing their instruments. I stand behind Callie so she can lean with her back into my body. I like feeling her so close, the whole length of our bodies touching, fitting perfectly together. When the first notes are being played, everybody falls silent. The music is beautiful with a tragic note and I immediately recognise the piece from the opera Madame Butterfly, one of my favourites. A lady dressed in a beautiful deep red dress enters the stage and starts to sing. I look at my raven haired beauty and she seems totally smitten by the play. As the music continues and the tragedy reaches a breakpoint I notice a single tear escaping Callie's eye. I let my lips brush the tear tenderly away and wrap my arms around her. She squeezes my hands faintly, telling me everything I need to know. I bring my mouth to her ear and whisper “this is from the opera Madame Butterfly, it's a Japanese tragedy, the music is by Giacomo Puccini. If you like, I'll take you to the opera” I feel her nod and tighten my grip around her body. She sighs and I feel her relax totally. I keep my face close to hers and nuzzle her neck. God she smells so good. We stand there listening to the beautiful notes, my lips peppering her neck with featherlight kisses. When the crowd brakes out in a loud applause, she turns in my arms. She's smiling that beautiful smile of hers that makes her eyes sparkle with stars.

“Thank you for tonight” she says in a soft voice “thank you for letting me in...”

“No thank you Cal, for coming on this date with me, I had a wonderful night” I lean in for a tender kiss, lips barely touching, but telling us all we need to know. We exit the park, take the car and drive to her apartment. “I'll walk you to your place Gorgeous” We take the elevator to the fourth floor and when we arrive at her apartment, she opens the door and turns around to face me. I step forward and push her lightly against the wall. Her eyes darken immediately. I bring my hands to her face, letting my fingertips travel over her cheeks. When my thumb brushes over her bottom lip, she kisses it gentle. My hands continue their journey of exploration, caressing her breasts over her top, coming to stop on her hips to pull her closer to me.

“You are so incredible beautiful Cal” I say as I rest my forehead against hers.

“Erica, please stay” her voice comes out barely audible.

“No Gorgeous, I want to do this right, you mean to much to me.....but I would like to be the first you see tomorrow morning .... so if you give me your keys, I'll be next to you when you open your eyes and I'll bring you some coffee” She looks at me through hooded eyes, then breaks out into a big smile and hands me her keys.

“I'd love that!” She brings her arms around my neck and pulls me in for an eartshattering kiss. I brake the kiss due to the lack of oxygen and whisper in her ear “sweet dreams Cal ... I'll be there when you wake up”

“Can't wait for the morning to come”

I turn and get in the elevator. When the doors close, I let my head fall against the wall, the biggest smile of my life creeping up my face. What an amazing night ...............what a date!!! 
























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