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When Jack Frost is in town

Title: When Jack Frost is in town
Pairing: callica
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Callie, Erica and snow
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


It’s was Sunday and they both had the day off, which meant they could sleep as long as they wanted.  Callie opened one eye, surprised at the light in the room, it was probably already noon.  She really needed to use the bathroom and decided it was best if she quickly went now so later she could enjoy her beautiful Erica, still deep asleep next to her, in every possible way there was.  She adored it that they spend their free days lazily making love.  She got out of bed and went to the bathroom.  Damn, it’s freezing in here, perhaps Erica forgot the put the heating on.    When she looked outside on her way back to the bed, she was almost blinded by the white beauty she found there.  She took a deep breath and her eyes went wide.  SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!!!!!  She loooooooved snow, she had to go outside and make a snowman, like she used to do when she was a kid and …….. Erica had to go with here.  She ran to the bedroom and jumped on the bed.  Totally excited she tried to wake up her sleeping lover.

 “Erica, wake up, wake up!”

 Her eyes still closed Erica mumbled “Baby I’m still sleeping”

 “But you have to wake up, Erica, open your eyes!”  Callie was practically jumping up and down on the bed all the while trying to persuade Erica to go outside with her.  “Put on your coat, we’re going outside!” 

 Erica tried to pull Callie back in bed.  “Just stay with me a bit more Cal, it’s our day off”

 “Erica NO, I need you to go outside with me, NOW!!!!” Callie spoke forcefully.

 The blonde doctor was surprised at the tone of Callie’s voice and slowly opened her eyes.  “Cal what’s the rush to get up?” 

 “Because we HAVE to go outside Hahn!  Now get up!” and with that she jumped of the bed, went to the closet, put on her hat and scarf and climbed back on the bed where her blonde was now smiling at the scene that was going on in front of her eyes.

 “Wow Gorgeous, I’ve never seen you so active in the morning ….  Correction, .... I mean outside of the bed”  By now Callie had pulled away the covers and positioned herself across Erica’s hips, straddling her.  Erica looked up at her raven haired beauty and her heart swelled with love at the endearing sight she found: her Callie, straddling her hips, bare naked but with her bright blue hat and scarf on … this had to be the cutest thing on earth and the thing was that the object of her affection probably wasn’t even aware that she had no clothes on.  She let her eyes travel over the perfect body of the beautiful woman on top of her.  When their gaze met, Erica knew she had been caught!  The younger doctor was staring at her, her arms on her hips, trying to look mad.

 “Stop staring …  Jack Frost is here, probably already since this morning and we just have to go outside!”

 “Oh but I have a much better idea Cal, I’m sure Jack can wait” she let her finger travel over a caramel breast and slowly pulled herself in a sitting position.  When she was about to close her lips around the mocha nipple …

 “Erica Hahn” Callie was pointing her finger “there’s snow outside and all you can think about is sex!”

 “And since when does my little sex-addict refuse any horizontal activity?” the blonde asked playfully, her eyebrow raised in the typical Hahn-way.  This question got her a death glare from the Latina.

 “I’m so not a sex-addict!” her finger still pointed at her lover.

 “Oh yes you are”  Erica laughed wholeheartedly “but you know what, I love it!” and she sucked Callie’s finger in her mouth.  The younger doctor decided to change tactics and withdrew her finger saying “If you love me, you want to make me happy and that means coming outside with me because it’s snowing”

 “That’s not fair baby, you know I love you”

 “Then let’s get into the snow!”

 “But Cal … oh no ... stop pouting, you know I can’t resist that”  She only started to pout more knowing that Erica’s resolve was breaking.  “Okay, I’ll come with you” she said grabbing the Latina’s ass with both hands. 

 “Yeah!!!!” Callie screamed and jumped of the bed.  “I’m already ready so I’m gonna go downstairs and you’re gonna hurry, right?”  She was almost on the stairs when Erica called her back her voice all giggly.

 “Sweetie, although I’m a big fan of your dressing style today, perhaps you’ll better put something on” 

Callie looked at herself, noticed she had no clothes on and laughed “Good suggestion Hahn!”

 While the Latina was getting dressed, the other woman stepped out of the bed, a chill running down her spine from the freezing cold in the house.  This temperature was not normal, she went to the heating which turned out to be icecold, next she checked the water which was also cold. 

 “Damnit, there must be something wrong with the gas!  I’ll have to call the plumber to get this fixed.  And its’ winter, great timing!!” Erica said irritated to her self.  She quickly threw on some clothes and made her way downstairs.  Callie was already there running excited through the house, now pulling Erica towards the door.

 “Come on Hahn, get your cute ass outside”

 Both women went outside and were gobsmacked by the beauty of the white winter landscape laid out before them.

 “Oh baby, this is beautiful”

 “Told you we HAD to go outside!” Callie grinned “Let’s make a snowman” and she started to roll a big ball in the snow.

 “A snowman Torres?  You’ve got to be kidding me!”

 “Erica, let the child in you get out sometimes, don’t spoil my fun and roll with me baby”

 The Latina was trying to roll the ball seductively, but was failing at it big time.  The blonde doctor couldn’t help but smile at her girlfriend and decided that perhaps it was time to let it all go and have some fun.  They made 3 balls in different sizes so that the snowman could have a body, upperbody and head.  Callie tried to put the second snowball on top of the biggest one, but lost her balance and landed ungracefully in the snow, the ball on top of her.  Erica witnessed this scene and started to shake with laughter staying on the same spot, not moving an inch to help Callie who was screaming at her for some help. 

 “Erica Hahn, stop laughing and help me, there are certain bodyparts in danger of freezing off, so if you still want to enjoy them in the future, then hurry!” she said struggling under the pile of snow.  Erica stepped closer and started to put the snow aside, still laughing at Callie.  “You look like a stranded turtle baby” she succeeded to tell in between giggles.  “Well I certainly feel like one” and the younger doctor couldn’t help but join in the laughter.  After a while they had successfully put the snowman together, found some little stones to make some eyes and a carrot for the nose.  Erica was watching their work of art and decided they did a good job.  But Callie started to make 2 little snowballs??? 

 “Cal what are you doing, the snowman is finished?”

 “Erica, first of all, since we do have an eye for the ladies now” she explained giving the other woman a playful wink “we are making a snowlady, not a snowman and second, if she’s a lady, she has to look like one, so I’m giving her boobies” she placed the 2 snowballs on the snowlady’s chest, stepped back and looked with pride at her work.

 “Dr. Hahn, meet Maggie the snowlady, Maggie meet my hot blonde cardio-goddess”

 “Sometimes you’re so full of shit Torres”

 “But you still love me”

 “That I do” and she carefully took the Latina’s face in her hands and kissed her tenderly. 

 “You know, I probably should have told you that you can’t trust me with snow” she said her lips hovering over Erica’s.

 “And why’s that?” A second later she felt snow being wacked on her head.  Callie sprinted away, laughing and screaming “Gotcha Hahn”

 “Oh this is war Torres” and Erica started the chase.  They ran, played, grabbed each other now and then, snow was being shoved into pants, coats, ears, ….  The quiet Sunday was broken by cries from laughter, giggles, oh’s and ah’s, snowballs seizing through the air, “you’re so gonna pay for this” and much more.  The women were having the time of their life … After a while there were laying together in the snow smiling at each other. 

 “This was fun Cal, thank you for dragging me outside”

 “My pleasure Dr. Hahn” and they leaned in for a sweet kiss.  They pulled apart when they were both shivering, lips starting to tremble.

 “You’re cold sweetie?” Erica asked with a shaky voice.

 “Yeah, my clothes are soaked”

 “Let’s get inside, I’ll light the fireplace so we can warm up” 

 The women got up and made their way inside.

 “Erica, although I think it’s utterly romantic to light the fire, why don’t you just put the heating on or we can take a hot shower?”

 “Because something’s wrong with the gas and we do not have hot water and the heating isn’t working.”

 “Oh no, I’m freezing baby” Callie whined.  By now she was jumping from one foot to the other while Erica gathered everything to light the fire.

 “Ok, I have an idea, you go to the guestroom, there’s a sleeping bag in the closet, bring it back here and put it in front of the fireplace”

 The Latina was too cold to argue and went to get the sleeping bag.  When she got back, the fire was already crackling, making the living room bade in an orange glow. 

 “Ok, I’ve got the sleeping bag, what now?”

 “Strip and get in!”

 “What????  I’m freezing my ass of here and you want me to strip????  Are you out of your mind Dr. Hahn??”

 “Cal, your clothes are soaked so you are only going to get more cold if you keep them on, so strip and get in the sleeping bag!  I promise you that you will feel much better in no time.”

 She did as she was told and quickly got rid of all her clothes and climbed in the sleeping bag in front of the fireplace.  Erica did the same and tried to squirm herself in the sleeping bag, her lover mocking about the lack of space in it.

 “Gorgeous, the less space there is, the sooner you’ll get warm”  She pushed herself inside, her body laying on top of Callie’s, her full weight on her forearms not wanting to crush her lover.  When she felt the Latina move her hands between their bodies, she screamed “Torres keep your hands to yourself, they’re freezing!”  The younger doctor raised her eyebrow in that typical way and stated “You so scream like a girl, you know that?”

 “Well for your information the last time I checked, I was a girl!” Erica replied in a dry manner.  Callie liked the teasing Erica and decided to play along.  “You’re a girl???  Like a girl-girl??”  The blonde sheepishly nodded her head.  “Well if you’re a girl and I’m a girl and I like you and you like me, then …..” she took a sharp intake of breath, overacting big time “You think I’m gay Dr. Hahn?”  The blonde tried to hold her laughter and again nodded her head.  “Damn” They both couldn’t hold it anymore and the living room became filled with giggles.  When the laughter died away, the couple was smiling at each other, love radiating from their eyes.

 “So tell me, what gave you the idea of the sleeping bag?” Callie softly asked.

 “Well, when I was young girl”

 “You're talking about the time when there were still dinosaurs?” the Latina asked playfully. 

 “Shut up Torres”  She took a breath and thought for a moment before continuing.  “When I was a young girl, I went to the girl scouts.  We sometimes went away for a weekend or a week.  We always spend the day outside and now and then got very cold when the weather was bad. We slept in tents so there was no heating and we had to warm ourselves up.  And we had our own way to do that.  We stripped just to our panties, squeezed ourselves with 2 in one sleeping bag and held each other until we got warm.  Naked skin heats up pretty quick.  So that’s the story.”

 “You went to the girl scouts??? Oh baby I would have loved to see you in your green uniform jumping around in the woods.  That would have been the cutest thing ever!”

 “Cal, I wasn’t cute then, I was 15 years old”

 “15?? You were 15 and got naked with another girl in a sleeping bag????  Erica Hahn, I would think that’s a bit gay no?” she smirked.

 “No” Erica chuckled “it was just to warm up, besides we weren’t totally naked, we still had our panties on!”  She gently began moving her body slowly up and down so skin was brushing over skin, trying to chase the cold away.

 “Baby, if you only wore your panties than your torso was naked ….. what means your little boobies touching other boobies!!”  The blonde smiled, continuing to rub her body against Callie’s.

 “Callie Torres are you jealous that a girl has seen my, as you call them ‘little boobies’” She kissed her teasingly on the left corner of her mouth “my firm” a kiss on the other corner “creamy white” her tongue swept over her lovers plush pink bottom lip “boobies?” kissed her nose quickly and pulled away to look at her raven haired beauty.  They shared an amusing smile, both enjoying their closeness and Erica’s movements.

 “I just hope that you didn’t move with your scoutty friends like you’re doing now, because if you did, then I can assure you that you gave them more than just some warmth and friendship, you must have been a very very popular girl!” she stated playfully at her blonde which was still brushing their bodies together. 

 “You’re the only one I ever did this with” and kissed her, surprising the Latina when she pushed her leg against her center.  She gasped and Erica took the opportunity to kiss her deep, tongues dancing, the heat rising with every stroke.  The air was filled with the crackling of the fire, the moving of the sleeping back, mutual moans and heavy breathing.  They pulled apart when air was needed, only to rest their foreheads together.

 “Warming up a bit?” Erica whispered softly.

 “Very” Callie whispered back.  She moved her hands in the small space, cupped her lover’s ass and pulled it even tighter against her center. 

 “Oh Cal, you’re driving me crazy you know that?” The words came out husky and filled with desire. 

Their mouths were hovering over each other, literally millimeters away from touching, the women living on each others air.  They were breathing heavy, getting lost in the sensation of their wetness, the wonderfully friction causing their bodies to go in overdrive.

 “Erica I ..” Callie held her gaze.  She was too far away to be able to speak, so she let her lover read her eyes.

 “I know”  Erica whispered “together”  Callie understood and faintly nodded.  They increased the pace and began the race to the stars …..  They reached them at the same time, their screams swallowed by a deep kiss. 

 “You know what Erica” Callie said softly “I think we should make a whole family of snowladies and get cold, very cold, EVERY day!”

 “I think that’s a very good idea Dr. Torres!” She raised her head towards the window and shouted “Thank you Jack Frost for still getting me laid this Sunday!”

Their giggles continued throughout the rest of the day, these happy noises mixed with the crackling of the fire, the shuffling of the sleeping bag and some satisfied moans and cries ….. 


Hmm, don’t we all love Sundays, especially when Jack is in town?.....

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