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Whisper against my skin (2/5)

Title: Whisper against my skin (2/5)
Pairing: callica
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Our girls are still young, Callie's at university, Erica is working
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.
A.N.: Update is a bit later than promised, but work got in the way!


I’ve been smiling for the most of the day. It had definitely been a good decision to try out this club yesterday… I met Henri the bartender who immediately felt like a friend. And the music? The music was so great, I danced the night away … And the DJ? Henri told me to be ready to be amazed and oh man, did she blow me away … It felt like she owned the music, every song perfectly mixed into the next one, note by note pushed in the right direction by her … her, the DJ, she’s beautiful, there’s something very intriguing about her. When she entered the club you could see the swirl of emotions travelling over her face, first there was a tiny fraction of built up stress present, quickly replaced by a twinkle in her features from excitement to the moment where she closed her eyes for a second drinking in the atmosphere and when she opened them back, it was written all over her face, she felt like coming home …. I’ve always enjoyed watching people, because what they do sometimes say so much more than the words coming out of their mouth.

I spend my day in the library digging up al this information for my essay on urban architecture. Okay, I only have to turn it in in 6 weeks, but I’m quite the perfectionist what means that I’ll probably rewrite the essay for at least 2 times, so I need to get started early. Besides I like to push myself to the limits, I crave the rush of adrenaline after succeeding in a very difficult task. Being n°2 is just not an option for me nor is it for my family and I want to achieve the best, for myself, but also for them. They pay for university, my rent, my daily expences and trust me enough to let me live alone in another country. So I want to make them proud, show them that their little Calliope is worth all their trust.

I dry the last of the dishes I just did and put everything away in the cabinets. My studio is very small, it has just 2 rooms, 1 is my bathroom (shower, sink and toilet) and the other one is a mix of my kitchen, living room, study and bedroom, it’s all in one. But I like it, it’s cosy, it’s private and it’s all mine. I smile and shake my head at that thought, mine, I have my own place to live, who can say that at the age of 18? I’ve decided that I deserve some distraction after a day as a dedicated student, so dancing it will be! And maybe, I can squeeze some information out of Henri about the blond DJ, who knows … I take my favorite leather jacket of the barstool, quickly take a glance in the mirror and head outside towards the club.

When I get inside the club, I immediately see Henri waving at me from behind the bar.

“Hey Callie, you came back! Already addicted to the music or …. is it just me?” he asks with a wink while I make myself comfortable at the bar.

I laugh. There’s just something so lovable about him…. “I came back all for you Henri, you’re my new drug” I say smiling widely at him.

“Oh I know honey, all the ladies love me, but sorry to disappoint you, I’m gay” he states like a real drama queen.

“Ouch Henri” I pretend to be disappointed “good then that I didn’t come only for you, I also liked the music! Speaking of which, is the DJ coming tonight?” The moment the words leave my mouth, all my senses are flooded with an exquisite perfume that makes my knees go weak, Angel by Thiery Mugler. I close my eyes for a second, inhale deeply and let the scent embrace me.


I’m at the club early today and put all my stuff behind the DJ-table. The place is already crowded with people waiting to get on the dance floor the moment the first beat echoes through te space. Henri is preparing drinks for a young couple at the bar, all the while making some small talk.

“Hey hubby” he likes it when I refer to him as my husband, because that’s what he is, my gay hubby!

“Princess” I roll my eyes at him for calling me that, he leans over the counter and gives me a quick kiss on the lips. He’s the only man who’s allowed to do that, in fact he’s the only man I’ve ever kissed. But it just feels natural with him, perhaps because there’s no meaning behind it besides an ‘I-would-die-for-you-friendship’.

“Can you give me a glass of red please? I’m just going to use the bathroom, I’ll be back in a sec.”

When I come back, I hear my man chatting with somebody, telling that person in a way that reminds me of the film ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert” that he’s gay!!! While it’s hard not to notice it, his clothes, his hair, his skin, his perfume, it all screams Mister Perfect just not for your daughter I add in thoughts. I’m almost at the bar, when I see with who Henri is talking, Callie …. She sits at the bar, her back turned at me, she has this badass leather jacket on, her hair falls around her shoulders in raven waves and the tight fitting jeans she’s wearing, is showing off her legs in the more than right way. Even when I can’t see her face, I know she’s divine ….. I can only hear the last words she’s saying “Is the DJ coming tonight?” I’m behind her and when I lean over the bar to get my glass of wine, I see her close her eyes, breathing in deeply. I brush slightly against her back and bring my mouth close to her ear “she’s here” her eyes pop open immediately and a grin appears on my face “and her name’s Erica” her lips curl up in a smile that makes her eyes twinkle with stars. I grab my glass of wine and when I’m 2 steps away from the bar, I hear Henri saying “Or you can call her princess, she likes that!”

“No I don’t” I shout at them over my shoulder and get behind the DJ-table. I can see them laughing, clearly both enjoying teasing me. I put the first 2 records in and let the beat take over the place. People float to the dance floor and within a minute, everybody is dancing. Everybody except HER. She’s still sitting at the bar, but has turned around and her gaze is directed at …. Me. She watches me with a hint of amusement in her eyes. I raise my eyebrow slightly to ask why’s she’s not dancing. She slides of her stool and makes her way to the dance floor, her eyes not leaving mine. She claims her place in the middle of the floor and starts to sway her hips slowly to the rhythm of the music. Her hands come up in the air to follow her movements. She looks at me like I’m the only person in the room which makes me a bit shy and causes me to bite my lip. She flashes me a knowing smile and brings her hand to wave through her dark curls. Her eyes close letting the music sweep her away. My mouth has become dry because of her little show and I feel my heart rate peeking when I realize what she’s been doing: that gorgeous girl, Callie, she’s …… dancing …. For … me …. Oh god, I was right yesterday, I’m in trouble, big trouble!!

I try to concentrate on choosing the right songs for tonight, keeping the crowd plastered on the dance floor for the next hours. Callie is still dancing in the middle of the floor and although her eyes stay closed, I’m sure she knows I’m watching her. I can’t help it, my eyes are glued to her and I think that that’s exactly what she wants! This is new for me, somebody wanting my attention. Normally it’s always me who tries to get noticed by a woman, but never the other way around. And the fact that Callie is stunning, is just the cream on the cake. She’s like this rough diamond, that’s still hardcore and confident on the outside, but I’m sure there’s a very delicate and warm heart on the inside. I let the next song start smoothly, pick up my glass and make my way to the bar for a refill. Henri is already waiting with the bottle and his eyes are shining with a curiosity I haven’t seen for a while. He probably witnessed Callie’s little show.

“So?” he asks clacking his tongue.

“So?” I shoot the question back leaning slightly on the bar. He’s wiggling his eyebrows at me and after a sec we both burst out into a laughter. “Oh God I’m in trouble Henri” I burry my face in my arms on the counter. I hear him giggle and I look up “You really giggle like a girl Hubby”

“Good that you like girls then” he replies and we burst into another fit of laughter.

“I have to get back up there, thanks for the wine” I decide to take a shortcut and walk straight through the dancing crowd. When I reach the middle, I’m standing right behind her, my dancing queen. Her whole body is swaying in perfect rhythm to the song and I feel myself unconsciously stepping closer until we touch. Just like at the bar, she breathes in deep and I see the corner of her mouth turn up in a smile. She keeps her eyes closed and I wrap one arm loosely around her waist. I can feel her relax in my touch and my hips follow hers for a couple of seconds. I know the song will end soon and I have to go back to the DJ-table. I reluctantly pull my arm back letting it travel a bit over her back when I walk away from her. I wonder if she knows who just danced with her? The rest of the night passes by in a bit of a daze for me, not fully able to concentrate on the music as my mind wanders over to Callie, the way she’s dancing, the way she felt, …. At 2 am I see her go back to the bar. She grabs her jacket and leans over to give Henri a quick kiss. He really is a womanizer my Hubby!! Just like last night she looks over her shoulder until her eyes find mine and gives me a megawatt-smile followed by a playful wink before leaving the club. And just like last night, I think Oh god, I’m in trouble, big trouble!


I had a great weekend! I went dancing Friday and Saturday in that club around the corner, they have fantastic music and …. A very beautiful and talented DJ, Erica, I smile and close my eyes, letting the memory of her perfume flood my senses all over again. I’m very sensitive when it comes to scents and there are a couple that makes me weak in the knees. And her perfume Angel mixed with a vanilla scent, probably of her bodylotion or so, my god, this is a big trouble maker.

I’m in the park stretching after a good run. It’s still early in the morning, I think about 8 am. I have a class at 10 am, so enough time to run, hang around at the pond, go home and have breakfast and be on time for class. I love the park early in the morning, it’s still quiet apart from the occasional joggers or cyclists. I had a long run today trying to clear my head a bit. After the weekend I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the DJ, well Erica. I was already intrigued by her the first night but after Saturday, I’m completely lost! Her perfume together with that gravelly voice of her when she told me that she was already there and then feeling her body pressed against my back at the dance floor, it made my head spin. I admit that I flirted with her that night and I felt her eyes mapping my body with every move I made. She didn’t have to tell me that it was her dancing with me, her perfume gave it all away ….. I’ve never flirted so openly with anyone before, so I needed to think, which meant running and relaxing after on the bench. While I’m stretching the silence of the park is broken by the sharp noise of a whistle. I turn my head and on the other side of the pond, there’s a couple of teenage boys sprinting short distances, encouraged by someone that must be their coach. It’s a tall blond woman, hair in a ponytail, sleeveless T-shirt and tight fitting shorts showing legs that seem to go on forever. It’s when I hear her yell at the teenagers: “Ok guys that’s it for today, good work and now go to class and don’t forget to shower” that I recognize that voice in an instant, it’s her, Erica!!! She’s a coach?????? Now I really need to have a break and think, so I lay myself down fully on the bench, cross my legs and put my arms over my head. Minutes pass by while I’m trying to organize the thoughts in my head. I don’t hear any footsteps but when the distinctive scent of Angel and vanilla invades my senses I know she’s standing close to me. I expect her to say anything, but nothing happens.

“You know it’s quite freaky to sneak up to people and watch them without saying anything” still nothing “Princess!” I hear her chuckle and open my eyes.

“Don’t call me that!” she says firmly and sits down next to me on the bench. “Besides how did you know it was me?” Her pupils widen for a second when she sees me leaning in towards her and as I brush my nose against her neck, I hear her breath hitch in her throat. I inhale deep, getting weak in the knees from her scent, my eyes closing automatically. When I pull back she’s looking at me the question visible on her face.

“Angel” I reply “your perfume”.

She gives me a shy smile and bites her lip, it’s so adorable!

“You call me a freak when you walk around smelling at people?” We both laugh and it feels good to just talk to her. The growl of my stomach interrupts our fun.

“Sorry, I haven’t had breakfast yet, I came for a run first. Did you eat already?” Why am I asking her that!! I’m trying to clear my head that’s spinning from her and here I am asking her to have breakfast with me! Smooth Torres, really great, idiot!!

“Uhm, no …. On Wednesday I give the boy’s athletics team an early practice before school starts and I was too late this morning for breakfast.”

“If you want you can join me for breakfast at my place, … I mean, it’s nothing fancy, but I’m sure I can fix us something?” Damn it Callie, she’s still a stranger and you so do not invite strangers to your place, especially those you can’t stop thinking about!! If idiocy was a study subject, I would be top of the class!! My brains are clearly of no use at the moment *sigh*

For a moment she seems nervous, but then the tiniest smile appears on her face and when she says “I’d love to” she makes my heart jump.

We get up and walk towards my studio. We make some small talk, but I only listen with half an ear as I can’t stop looking at her, clearly she trains a lot as you can see her toned body, her legs seem to go on forever. Am I drooling?


How did I go from an early training with the boys team to breakfast with the girl that invades my dreams and thoughts since last weekend??? We are walking to her place, which I notice is only 3 streets from mine. It’s a small studio packed with books, but it somehow feels familiar.

“Yeah I know it’s just small, but I like it … uhm you can sit down, I don’t have a couch, I use my bed, so feel free to flop down on it!” She’s rambling, it’s cute! But she seems uncomfortable with me here all of a sudden.

“I can go if you want ….” I say because I don’t want to push her into something that doesn’t feel right for her.

“Nonono” she jumps in “it’s just, I tend to forget that my place is not this big castle with a spacious living room and …”

“Hey look at me, there’s nothing wrong with your place, I like it, it’s cosy, it’s warm and if it feels like home to you, then you should think of it as your castle!” A big grin appears on her face. “So if you don’t mind mylady, I’m going to throw myself on your insanely big couch” and I flop onto her bed.

“You’re crazy Erica” she laughs.

“I thought the name was Princess?” I mock offense.

“Right! Princess Erica, is some yoghurt with fresh fruit okay for you?” She asks while already pulling out the yoghurt and fruit from the fridge.

“Sure! Can I help?”

“Nope Callie Torres has everything under control!”

“Okay then I’ll just lay here watching you” Oh great Erica, just tell her that you’re happy just staring and drooling over her!! I really suck at this!

“I know you like to watch” her voice is soft and the moment the words leave her mouth, I feel a blush rising up my cheeks and I cast my eyes down. Silence enters the room. After a couple of minutes she comes to sit next to me and hands me a bowl of yoghurt topped with fresh fruit.

“That looks absolutely delicious! Thank you!”

“So I didn’t know you were a coach?”

“Oh I’m not a coach, well not exactly, I’m a gym teacher. I give gym in high school, train the boys team on Wednesday mornings as you’ve seen and 2 times a week I have 15 3-years old for rhythmic classes, it’s a lot of fun! You’re always welcome to watch if you like.”

We eat our yoghurt and she asks me all about my job, clearly interested. She tells me that she studies architecture and although she’s only nearly 19, she’s already in her second year. Smart girl for sure! Time flies and when I put our bowls in the sink, my watch states it’s 9.30 am and I have a next class at 10 am so I have to go.

“I don’t want to be rude, but I have a next class in 30 minutes, so I should get going.” I tell her.

“Is it 9.30 already?? Okay then I have to hurry to pack all my stuff, I have to be in class at 10 am. So it’s fine! Guess time flies
when you’re having fun!” She’s rambling again, it makes her even more adorable. I take her hand and squeeze it gently.

“I liked talking to you and thank you for inviting me in your castle” she rolls her eyes at this comment “and thank you for breakfast, it was delicious and healthy!”

“Well not everybody can eat everything and still have a body like yours” so she likes my body hey She chuckles and continues “just look at me, curvy Callie!”

“Stop right now” I say firmly as I silence her with a finger on her lips. My finger brushes over her bottom lip, going further caressing her cheek. She leans in the delicate touch and closes her eyes. I have to swallow when I look at the beauty that stands before me and it pains me that she can’t see herself as I see her. “Open your eyes” I ask softly and her dark orbs flutter open. “Don’t you ever talk about yourself like that, you are beautiful, you are a woman which means you have some curves and thank god for that because they make you absolutely irresistible” her eyes are dark pools of emotion by this time, gazing into mine “I think you’re gorgeous” I whisper and kiss her tenderly on her cheek. I let my lips linger a bit longer than necessary, surprised by the words I have just spoken and meant with all my heart. I pull back and open the door to leave. Her soft words “thank you” make me turn around and as I watch her standing in the doorway, I give her a knowing smile. Bye I mouth.
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