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Just you (5/?)

Title: Just you (5/?)
Pairing: callica
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Starts with the kiss in the parking lot.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual. AN: this is a very long update, but there was so much I wanted to say, that's why! Hope you enjoy it!


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(Callie’s POV)

I wake up my muscles totally cramped because of lying in the same position too long, well all night long! Sleeping next to an almost naked Erica has been a complete torture. My body reacting to this naked skin and the image of that creamy porcelain breast haunting my mind, has lead to a night of lust filled dreams. Let’s hope my hands didn’t act on my thoughts and if they did, then I hope that Erica doesn’t know. Thinking of Erica, where is she? I slowly open my eyes to find an empty spot besides me. I roll over to her side off the bed, her body heath is still there and I sigh engulfing myself in her warmth. I rub my nose on her pillow and the scent of vanilla/almond fleets my senses, it’s not only the left fragrance of the massage oil still present, it’s more, this is my Erica. My Erica, now I’m already saying it myself, it’s my turn to claim her. I want her to be mine, all mine because, even if she doesn’t know, I’m hers …. I pull the covers over my head and enjoy the Erica-cocoon that I created for myself for a couple of minutes. Oxygen is needed, so I shove away the sheets and glance at the clock. 10 am, hmm, nice time to get up. When I open the door of the bedroom, a delicious smell meets me, it’s sweet, almost sugary, mmm, could it be waffles?????? I can almost taste them, oh yammie!! Normally Erica is always silent in the morning, no radio, no clattering of glasses or mugs. But today there’s music. I’m confused and my brain cells are trying to work this out, oatmeal-silence against definitely sugary calories-music!!!! I guess my surprise day out has already started, I say to myself grinning. I stand at the landing on top of the stairs and I to grip the banisters to steady myself: beneath me in the kitchen (at Erica’s place it’s one open space which you can see from the stairs) I’m greeted with the cutest thing ever …. My Erica, wearing only a striped men’s shirt and the grey panties, her hair roughly tied back with a clip, dancing and singing on Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon, all the while preparing breakfast. This is the Erica nobody sees, this is the one that warms your heart without trying. I sit down softly, my head leaning against the banisters, peeking through it, just like a child who’s trying to catch a glimpse of a forbidden image. And in a strange way, it feels like I’m doing something forbidden, watching my future dancing by …. This must be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, with a spoon in the hand and a towel over her shoulder, her blonde curls dancing around, she’s singing along wiggling her ass!

I’m a man without conviction

I’m a man who doesn’t know

How to sell a contradiction

You come and go, you come and go’

I giggle and put my fist in my mouth trying to stay quiet wanting to enjoy this sight a bit more. For joining the chorus, she gets out of the kitchen, giving me full access to watch her never ending legs … I swallow … she would look divine totally naked those legs ending in black stilettos … my mouth becomes dry almost living this scene that for now only exists in my mind. I snap out of my trance hearing her voice now loud and clearly, she’s even jumping around. ‘Karma karma karma karma, karma chameleon,

You come and go, you come and go

Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream

Red gold and green, red gold and green’

I’m mesmerized by her and can’t hold myself any longer so I get downstairs. She doesn’t hear me when I get behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. She doesn’t seem surprised by my appearance because when I push my hips against her she continues swaying to the music. Her wild movements before have caused her shirt to slide to the side and expose her creamy shoulder. I press my lips to her skin, tasting the sweet vanilla/almond fragrance. I know that she’s smiling when she covers my hands with hers.

Morning Beautiful” I whisper against her neck.

Morning Gorgeous”

I didn’t know that you’re a fan of Culture Club?” I say playful whilst kissing my way up to her ear.

I’m not, I just like this song, it’s a happy song for happy times”

So you’re happy?” I ask hoping that maybe, just maybe it’s because of me. She turns around in my arms so that she’s facing me. Her blue eyes are sparkling.

“You make me happy”. She presses her lips tenderly on my forehead causing me to close my eyes. I’ve never been the reason of someone’s happiness, but this, now, it feels so right. I open my eyes when I feel her pulling me towards the kitchen.

You hungry Cal? To surprise you, I’ve made some French toast which you can top with as much syrup and sugar as you want. You want some?”

Do you need to ask?” I hop onto a barstool and make myself comfortable at the counter. She offers me a big plate with several pieces of French toast and some coffee. She leans over the counter, takes the syrup and writes on my French toast: HAPPY! By the time she finishes, I’m beaming my megawatt-smile at her, it feels like my heart has just sprung out of my chest. She smiles with me and kisses the tip of my nose. This is the truly soft side of Erica Hahn, the one she never shows to anybody but me, this is the real Erica, the one that I adore.

Now eat before it gets cold!” She doesn’t have to say this twice and I dig in. The first piece literally melts away on my tongue. “Oh I must be in sugary-heaven!” I say with my eyes closed entirely focused on the sweet sensation in my mouth. When I open my eyes I see her standing with her back against the stove, her face lightened up by one of her rare smiles.

Glad you like it! It’s all part of your surpriseday, so enjoy it, because tomorrow, we’re back on oatmeal” She’s daring me and raises her eyebrow to make a statement.

Shut up Hahn, don’t spoil my day!” I point at her with my fork. She chuckles and helps herself to a cup of coffee.

She turns around and my eyes land on the bottom of her shirt. She has only buttoned it up until her waist, so when she walks to me, the shirts opens up exposing a part of her stomach and those cute striped panties I saw last night! It looks like my eyes are glued to her skin and I unconsciously lick my lips.

Am I in danger of losing my panties again?” Her gravelly voice makes me look up in her eyes.

What?” I don’t know what she’s talking about, but I’m sure that she saw me staring at her.

You’re staring at me Torres and after what you tried last night, I need to know if you’re going for my panties again?”

I … can not … believe my ears!!! This … is … so … not … happening! I must have done something last night, but I can’t remember … oh crap!!! I feel a blush creeping up my face and I think I’m going to die from embarrassment, but I need to know …. Swallowing the piece I still have in my mouth, I take the risk, my voice very shaky, afraid of what I’m about to find out.

What … did … I … do …Erica?”

You mean you don’t remember?? Well I woke up during the night due to somebody grumbling ‘take them off, take them off’ and you were trying to rip my panties off! I must say Cal, what a fight, I knew you were strong, but this … wow!”

By now I have dropped my fork on the counter and I am staring at her, my eyes wide and mouth hanging open. I can not believe this! Damnit Torres! Please let me just die …. let’s hope that the floor will swallow me alive so I can hide … but no, nothing happens and Erica keeps her eyes focused on me, one of her hands clutching her panties, like she’s trying to keep them on, in case I …

Oh please, tell me I didn’t …”

I pull my head in my T-shirt so at least I’m hidden from her sight and let it rest in my hands. “This is so not happening” I whisper to myself. This must be the moment you hope to be able to rewind what just happened and create another scene, but faith has never been on my side. “Oh my God …… oh my God ……. I’ve become a hormone driven maniac …. God this is so embarrassing!” I hear her trying to hold her laughter. Okay, now I’m totally confused??!!!

Cal sweetie, look at me.” She pulls my T-shirt down and with a finger under my chin, she lifts my face to hers. “Look at me Gorgeous”. There’s a slight hint of amusement dancing in her blue eyes when she looks at me. “You didn’t” she whispers. If I was confused before, than I think that the planets have just switched places, because I am so not following anymore!

Erica, I …” She must see confusion written all over me because before I can say anything, she cups my face with both hands and leans in a bit.

Shhh Cal, you said ‘tell me I didn’t’, well I’m telling you now that you didn’t do anything … I was just teasing you and this was so easy” her lips curl up in a smile “your face was priceless!” she brushes her lips over mine, only a whisper of a touch. So she was just making a fool of me??? I smack her on the arm.

“Erica Marie Hahn, that’s cruel what you just did!! You’re going to suffer for this!” I glare at her with my most deathly look.

No I won’t!” she says her warm breath tickling my lips.

And what makes you think that you won’t?”

I won’t because I’m going to kiss you” Again her lips touch mine faintly.

 “And you think that will make everything fine?”

Yes I do” a soft kiss “because I happen to know” her tongue sweeps over my bottom lip “that you can‘t resist my kisses” another kiss “overall, I’m your Hot Lips” she’s playing me, she knows it and the thing is …. it’s true, I can’t resist her … damn it!

God I hate it when you’re right” I groan against her lips and I feel her smile. Her lips don’t leave mine, they dance over my mouth, making me shiver in anticipation. I’ll make you forget” she breathes in my mouth before kissing me so deep that I feel like I’m falling in eternity. She pulls back a little when oxygen is needed, only to trace a wet path along my jaw line, her tongue finds my earlobe and swirls around it. When she dips her tongue in my ear, I can’t contain the moan from deep within me. “I’ll make you forget” she says again softly against my ear. Her hands leave my face to travel over my neck, tenderly caressing my breasts on her way down. I shiver under her touch and I hear her groaning lightly. Her hands glide over my hips following my thighs, coming to rest on my knees. A small nudge of her hand makes me open my knees so she can stand between my legs. I pull her closer, wrapping my legs around her, locking her in my embrace. Her shirt opens again revealing the creamy skin under her belly button. I am mesmerized by her and let my eyes travel over every inch of silky porcelain. She’s watching me, I can feel it and I lock my gaze with her. Her pupils are an intense shade of dark blue, I could easily drown in them. My fingertips reach out and the moment I touch the softness of her stomach, her breath hitches in her throat. I hold her gaze tracing random patterns on her skin, enjoying the way I feel her muscles jump a little under my touch.

You’re so beautiful Erica” I whisper and let my eyes travel over her face, totally in awe for the beauty displayed before me. Her eyes look right through me, it’s like she’s seeing in my soul. She reads me like no one has ever done … I feel naked under her gaze, yet ….. so loved. I bring my face to her chest, my lips pressing tender kisses on the naked skin while I rub my nose to her, inhaling her completely. Her hands find my hair and instantly her fingers are combing through my dark locks, urging me closer to her, if that’s even possible. The muscles in her neck stretch and I know that she has thrown her head back, eyes probably closed. Her words are barely whispers

I’m sorry …. That I fell asleep during …. your massage …. I felt so relaxed and safe ….. and I’m sorry …. That I …. refused to ….. put on a T-shirt …. “

Don’t be sorry for that” I manage to say between kisses “you were gorgeous just in your panties” my voice vibrating against her skin “you sleeping next to me half naked was just a bit distracting” and with a light chuckle I add “for a hormone driven maniac like me” I feel her giggle and when I look up, our eyes meet. We’re staring at each other and simultaneously lean in. My mouth invites her tongue in instantly and I feel like being in the heart of a hurricane, swallowed alive, my head spinning at a raging rhythm. I pull back slowly when I’m about to faint from lack of oxygen.

You have a very …” I’m struggling a bit to catch my breath “ ….impressive way of making me forget things …. My Hot Lips” and I can’t help but let out a little laugh. Her eyes are twinkling with what looks like pride and it doesn’t take 5 seconds for her to join me in the laughter. She pulls me in a tight hug, her hand stroking gently up my back. And when I hear her soft words “You really make me happy Callie Torres” I feel like my heart is about to burst open from all the butterflies fluttering around, tickling every of my senses …… For the first time in my life, I’m making somebody happy and this without doing anything, just by being ….me….. My face is wrapped up in a smile that will stay on for the rest of the day.

Erica reheats the French toasts and we continue breakfast, chatting about my surprise day, well it’s not really chatting, it’s more me trying to get some information out of her …. Without any success of course!!
Erica goes to shower first while I enjoy another cup of coffee on the couch watching the cartoon channel. She comes downstairs and I’m sure my eyes just pop out!! Dr. Hahn has definitely left the building, this is totally Erica appearing, a side of her I didn’t know …… Her hair is still in a cute ponytail, she’s wearing a white summer linen shirt, very very very sexy navy blue linen shorts and on her feet, believe it or not, freaking flip flops!!!! She has never looked more stunning than she does now, even more so because she seems totally relaxed with herself and me *sigh* this really is a surprise day!!!!!

Pick up your jaw and get your cute ass in the shower Torres” Damn it, why do I always get caught??? I really have to work on my technique of secret ogling! “And put on your bikini!” I’m about to protest that I lost my bikini some while ago, which is true by the way, when a piece of fabric hits me in the face, and sure thing, it’s my favorite red bikini!!!!

I thought I lost my bikini! Did you steel it??” I ask still rather confused.

Nope!! You left them here when we were going for a swim, but got called in for a trauma last time” I get up, my bikini in the hand and run up the stairs. “Beach here I come” I yell at her excited before disappearing inside the bathroom.

After my shower, I quickly put on my red bikini as I was told and went through my bag in search for the right outfit for today. Thank god, I took a bunch of clothes, something for every occasion. I decide to put on my light grey yoga pants that reach just under the knee. They rest just on my hips, tied together, they make me feel free and fresh, they give me a real summer feeling. I take the matching light grey tank top and put on some flip flops of mine that I left in Erica’s closet. A quick look in the mirror teaches me that I look good today, my hair is curly around my face, sunglasses on top of my head and the combination of the low fit yoga pants and the tank top, make my belly button visible, just hoping now that Erica will love this outfit as much as I do. At least I feel very comfy in it! Erica is finishing the dishes when I come downstairs and when she turns around to greet me, I can see her pupils dilate and darken for a second before she blinks and gives me one of her smiles I’ve come to love so much.

You ready?” she asks.

Yes! Where are you taking me? We’re going to the beach right? How come you knew that I love the beach? We’ve never been there, or do you just want to see me in my bikini?” I say playfully wiggling my eyebrows.

I am so not telling” she winks at me “now let’s go” she takes her sunglasses and keys and we leave the house. We get in Erica’s car, her classy dark grey BMW is the perfect representation of the stylish lady next to me. She has let he hardtop down, it seems like she has the summervibes bad, but I don’t mind a bit. Driving on the highway, her blonde curls dancing in the wind, sunglasses on, I can’t take my eyes of her, she is really stunning. She catches me watching her and her lips curl up in a smile.

Are you watching me Torres?” there’s a playful tone in her voice. I love the easy teasing banter between us, it’s great to know that this didn’t change because our relationship changed, it’s still us, best friends.

You must have been already beautiful when you were young ….” I can’t hold myself and take an unruly blonde curl between my fingers, feeling the exquisite softness of it. “I would love to have watched you growing up, becoming the stunning woman you are today”

Stop it Cal, you’re making me blush and Erica Hahn so doesn’t do blushing”

Yep, I can totally see that!” And we both burst out giggling, knowing that the blush has already spread over her cheeks. “No seriously, haven’t you thought about it, how it would have been if we would have met as ….”

As what?”

As horny teenagers?” I emphasize the word horny and look at her wiggling my eyebrows. Her laugh fills the air and I just know that she’s about to shoot back an answer to me.

First of all Torres, when I was a teenager, let’s say 18, you were only 11, so I think there would have been a difference in interests at that time. Second I would have been a pervert if I wanted to hit on you. And third, who says I was horny?”

Oh come on Hahn, look me in the eyes and tell me that you were a pure and innocent teenager!” She turns her head to look at me, a smirk clearly visible on her mouth.

“You are so busted Hahn!” She immediately joins me in laughter and I see her shake her head.

Sometimes you’re so full of shit Torres!”

But yet you like me” I reply pointing my finger at her.

That I do” she answers, the playful tone in her voice gone, replaced by a soft warmth. Why don’t you turn on some music Cal?”

You don’t have anything from your thumbs-up-for-the-eighties-collection inside of it do you?”

"No there’s not! But only because it’s your surprise day!”

When the first notes float out of the boxes, my jaw falls open from disbelief!! “Erica, that’s ….. that’s Kings of Leon! I love them!” I blurt out, totally excited! Erica just laughs and shakes her head at me.

I know, that’s why I bought their CD, to surprise you, my ortho rockstar …”

Oh thank you thank you thank you!” I practically jump out of my seat and engulf her in a big hug, as far as that’s possible when the other one is still driving. “You surprise me every day” I whisper softly in her ear and get back in my seat. Her hand leaves the steering wheel and comes to rest on my thigh, followed by a slight squeeze.

I’ve been roaming around

Always looking down at all I see

Painted faces fill the place

I can’t reach You know that I could use somebody

You know that I could use somebody


I feel so happy! I’m spending the day with my best friend turning out something more, we’re on our way to a surprise for me *squeak*, the sun is shining, our hair is blowing in the wind, her hand is lying tenderly on my thigh and I’m singing along with one of my favorite bands. So I smile, I smile for the happiness I’m feeling right now, I smile for the beautiful day, I smile for her, my stunning Erica. She has been glancing my way every couple of seconds through the song, but I let her, it makes me feel beautiful the way she looks at me. We take the next exit and leave the highway behind us. We stand before a red light and her hand moves from my thigh to my belly button. The low fit pants and the top create a space of visible naked skin. She caresses my tanned skin softly with the back of her hand. It’s such a tender gesture that causes goosebumps to erupt on the rest of my body. Her eyes find mine while her fingers dance slowly over my belly. She’s biting her lip, so adorable, and when she leans in her words are barely a whisper “you look so sexy today Cal” .Her lips faintly brush over mine, pulling away just in time to drive further. Nobody has ever made me feel more desirable than Erica …. If she only knew what she does to me …

I am pulled out my thoughts by the stopping of the car. We’re at the end of a road, near a little bay, it looks quite secluded.

Erica, where are we?” As we get out of the car, she comes to stand behind me and wraps her arms around me.

This is my special place. It’s a small secluded bay, beautiful beach, you won’t see anybody here. I like to come here to think, to relax, to swim, to ... And I wanted to share my place with you, so here we are, I hope you like it …”

It’s beautiful” I whisper and it’s true, it looks like a little paradise, forgotten at the end of the road, the beginning of nomansland. “Thank you for taking me here” I lean my head back and kiss her softly.

She leads me on the beach and spreads out the big blanket she took with her for us to lay on and hands me some sun lotion. We take our clothes of and both act like we’re so not checking the other one out in bikini. She looks beautiful, her emerald green bikini contrasting with her creamy skin.

 “Come here Hahn, I’ll put some sun lotion on you, I don’t want you to get burned!” I put some on her back and shoulders, enjoying the feel of her skin. “Turn around so I can take care of your front!”

I think I can take care of my front myself Torres!”

I know, but just let me help you. People always say that I’m a very helpful person!” I wink at her while putting some lotion in my hands. Her eyes are twinkling and I know she’s enjoying this as much as I do.

Do they?” I nod my head, smiling widely while placing my hands on her chest. The moment skin touches skin, I look up at her to find her pupils dilate again for just a second, her eyes following every movement of my hands. With a mischievous grin on my face I make sure to glide over every inch of her chest and stomach to finish with those never ending legs of her. I stare at my work of art when her gravelly voice pulls me out of my dream.

Enjoying your work Torres?” she asks her eyebrow raised, challenging me. “You’re sure that you didn’t miss a spot?” I take advantage from the opportunity and smile widely while pouring some extra lotion in my hands.

“Perhaps this area needs some extra attention” and I put my hands on the swell of her breasts, letting my fingers play her beautiful creamy skin. She throws her head back, a throaty laugh escaping her. She cups my face with her hands and presses her lips firm against mine, pulling away too quickly for my taste.

Since your hands are still full of sun cream, rub them over my face, so I’m protected, okay?” I do as I’m told and rub them gently over her face.

Ow damn” I hear her say.

What’s wrong?” Did I do something???

I have cream in my mouth! Could you just get some water out of the bag, so I can rinse my mouth?” I grab the bottle of water and hand it to her.

“You’re okay now?” The moment I ask I see something change in her eyes, a devilish glint appears when she shakes her head no. I step in to see what’s wrong and damn it, she just sprays all the water out of her mouth right into my face!!!

I narrow my eyes and point my finger at her.

Erica Hahn”

Haha gotcha!!”

You better start running because you ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!!” she giggles and storms of in a run. I don’t think twice and go immediately after her, I’ll show her how fast I am, my revenge will be sweet!!! She looks over her shoulder and when she sees me approaching, she screams!!! I’m so not joking, THE ERICA HAHN is screaming from amusement and it warms my heart. “You scream like a real girl Hahn!” I catch her from behind and lift her from the ground. “You are in so much trouble!” She struggles to break free from me, but thank god for my strong arms holding her in place. When I try to throw her in the water, she reaches out and pulls me with her. The next minute is spend waterwrestling, nearly drowning each other, but having so much fun. The water is dripping from our faces, the sun cascading on the sea and our bodies. She’s looking at me, her blue eyes sparkling on this summers day and I have the sudden urge to feel her close to me. I wrap my arms around her neck and engulf her in a big hug. Automatically my legs close around her waist, pulling her body into mine. “You’re a little devil Dr. Hahn” I whisper in her ear and I can feel her smile against my shoulder. We hang on to each other for a while and I get lost in memories of my childhood.

What are you thinking Gorgeous?” she asks softly.

When I was a child, my dad often took me to the seaside. He’s an oceanographer and every time he told me the same thing:

Mi querida niña, mirar el mar con el amor y admiración. Se trata de un colorido mundo lleno de vida. Ella nos alimenta y nos hace felices. Porque no hay mayor felicidad que se les permite ver la belleza de la dama azul para que se desenvuelve. Cuidaria, tal como lo acaricio.

I feel her brush her lips softly to my neck, her voice vibrating against my skin. “As sexy as it is you speaking Spanish, you’ll need to translate that for me”.

My dear girl, look at the sea with love and admiration. It is a colorful world full of life. She nourishes us and makes us happy. Because there is no greater happiness than to be allowed to watch as the blue lady unravels her beauty for you. Cherish her, just as I cherish you.”

That’s beautiful Cal”

Do you know I always wanted to be a manatee?”

She lifts her head from my shoulder to look me in the eyes. “Aren’t they always getting cut by the boat?”

And yet they survive ….. and manatee isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of the ocean. Whales, dolphins, I think manatees are really underrepresented!”

They need better agents then!” she says smiling and I can’t help but smile with her. It feels great to be in her arms in this deserted bay. Her hands have moved from my back to my thighs, holding me up against her. Her smile fades slowly away and her face turns serious.

Cal what do you want from this?” Her eyes are looking into mine, probably already searching for an answer, she knows that I don’t have to say the words for her to be able to read me. “I mean, what do you want for us? Do you think about ‘us’ when you think of you and me? Are we in a relationship or do you just want to be friends?” She has never looked more fragile than at this moment, all her walls are down, this is Erica Hahn completely naked, no mask, no costume, just stripped bare. Her voice is full of emotion when she speaks … “I need to know Cal, because I ….. I’m losing myself in you …. and if you’re not there with me, which I would never blame you for, then I need to stop this now, before it will shatter me and we’ll ruin our friendship, what means too much for me …. So I need to know”. Her last words are barely a whisper. I cup her face with both of my hands and let my thumb trace over her lips, followed by a soft kiss.

“Erica, you’re my best friend, you know me, you probably know me better than I know myself. So you also know that I tend to freak and fight. Just like I have been fighting an inner battle of feelings that I would never have been able to win, because I can’t fight my best friend, I can’t fight you. You’re honest, smart, pure and ….” I let my eyes scan over her face and swallow the lump that has formed in my throat at the stunning sight I’m met with “ …. And incredible beautiful …. I might freak out again or struggle, because that’s what I do, but you do know how to handle me” Her lips turn up in a small smile, because it’s true, she knows how to handle me. “But don’t ever doubt that I want this……us……..I Callie Torres want you Erica Hahn………I want to explore this… with you…..only you”

I want you too” she breathes in my mouth before closing the gap between us and kissing me so slowly that I almost whimper. It’s a kiss that promises an ‘us’, that promises ‘a relationship’, that promises ‘a want’, that promises ‘a desire’. We don’t need to say more, I feel it and I know Erica feels it too. For the first time in my life, somebody wants me as much as I want her …. The rumbling of my stomach interrupts the kiss and we pull apart.

Sorry” I say a bit ashamed, but she just smiles at me.

"You could just tell me that you're hungry Torres, no need to make so much noise!” she replies in Dr. Hahn mode. “Good then that I brought some food!”

You did?”

Yes! Let's get out of the water, you shake the sand of the blanket while I take everything out of the car. That's ok for you?”

Sure” I do as I'm asked and Erica returns with a picnic basket. We sit down and I take some plates and glasses from the bag.

“So would you like a glass of champagne Gorgeous?”

Ow wow, you took bubbles with you to the beach?? Great style Hahn!” I wink at her to let her know I'm just teasing. When we both have our glass, I raise mine to toast “To us” “To us” she states as well. She leans in slowly and brushes her lips tender over mine. I pull her closer to deepen the kiss and just then my stomach decides she needs to be fed, damn it!!!

Gee Cal, cage that animal!!” she laughs and starts to unpack the picnic basket. “So what do we have? I brought some french bread and cheese, fresh grapes and figues and a chicken-avocado salad. I hope you like it ....” she finishes suddenly a bit shy. I lift her chin and make her look in my eyes.

“Erica, I love it, so stop worrying. You're spoiling me”

I just wanted to give my girl a nice surprise day” she shifts her eyes down and I notice a blush creeping up her chest.

Your girl??? Erica Hahn, am I your girl?” I like to tease her, but at the same time, I'm overwhelmed by hearing her call me 'her girl', I never expected that, but it gives me a fluttering feeling and I know that I'm blushing as well, but fortunately, my tan covers most of it.

Don't make fun of me Torres, it just slipped out okay? I ... ” I cut her off with my finger over her lips.

It's cute and I love to be your girl. Now let's eat before the beast starts growling again!” The food is delicious and we make small talk about how everyone at the the hospital would be so jealous if they knew that we're sitting at the beach while they are working and how Mark would try to get some perverted stories out of us to feed his imagination. The sun is shining bright, there's no living soul but us at this bay and we both feel so relaxed.

We decide to lay down a bit after the food, still sipping bubbles. Erica lays on her side, propped up on her elbow, while I rest my head on her stomach. I can't help but sigh at the happiness I'm feeling.

I think I'm in heaven, that's how I feel right now”

You're liking your surpriseday so far then?”

Very much, best surpriseday ever, well to be honest, it's the first time somebody has done something for me like this.” I grab her free hand and bring it to my lips to press a soft kiss on it. “Thank you”

It is my pleasure, I'm enjoying it as much as you do Cal”

Erica, can I …. Can I ask you a question?” I ask tentatively.

Sure” she replies her fingers playing with one of my dark curls.

Have you ever been in love?” The moment the words leave my mouth I’m afraid I shouldn’t have asked her that. Silence falls upon us and I curse myself for ruining this perfect day.

Yes” it’s only a whisper, but I’ve heard it. I really don’t know if this was a good idea so I move to get up, but she keeps me down with a strong hand. I lay myself back down, in the same position as before. Just promise not to judge me before I’ve told the whole story Cal?” This is perhaps the first time that Erica is opening up to me, so I have to let her say whatever she’s going to say, even if it scares me a bit that she asks me not to judge her, but I just nod my head.

I was fifteen and totally crazy about music. I had been to music school for several years, but I felt like I needed more profound training. My parents and the school agreed that they had nothing left to offer me at the school and we went in search of a private teacher. Playing cello was my life and I wanted someone who could teach me and understand me at the same time.”

You play cello?????” I blurt out shocked and I hear her chuckle. Is that were the tattoo comes from. I'll ask her later about it.

No, I used to play cello. Anyway, we found someone who was willing to teach me a couple of evenings a week and even during the weekends. His name was Lukas and it clicked immediately between us. He challenged me in trying new techniques and made me work harder than I ever had before. Despite the age difference, he was 29 when I met him, it felt like we had known each other forever. A year later, I can’t really tell when or how, we fell in love. It was very overwhelming for me, he was my first on so many levels …. ”

So you guys started a relationship? Did your parents know? Was it like really really serious from the beginning? Did you continue playing cello? And what …” I was cut off by a hand placed over my mouth.

You’re rambling” she says as her hot breath tickles my ear. “Just let me finish the story, okay?”

Sorry, I’ll try to be more patient, but just for the record, that’s so not one of my talents!” I turn my head to look at her and I see that she’s smiling. A wide megawatt grin takes over my face at this sight. “Sorry, please continue”

We didn’t start a relationship, although we admitted to each other that there was more than just friendship. It was Lukas who had a hard time coping with what he was feeling. For one, he was almost twice my age and I was still a minor, two he was my music teacher and my parents trusted him and three he was ………………… still married …”

I stop breathing the moment I hear the words married. Did she made him a cheater?? I just can’t believe it! She told me that George and Izzie weren’t worth it while she did just the same!! She must sense me tensing up, because the next thing her hand squeezes my shoulder assuringly before continuing.

He was still married, but he and his wife had grown apart and they already decided to get a divorce. They didn’t had a fight, there was no yelling or so, they just realized one day they’d fallen apart and decided it was better for both of them to move on. They were good friends and had no problem to see the other one dating someone new. Linda, that was his wife, met a new guy and Lukas really liked him. So they were only officially still married, but in their hearts and mind, it was over long time before. For financial reasons they still shared the same house. They agreed that Linda would move out whenever she felt ready.”

I feel the build up tension leave my body as I find out the story behind it.
“I was almost seventeen when we started a serious relationship, although we decided not to tell my parents. We both knew there was no way they would understand, mainly because of the age difference.”

“Was he good for you Erica? I mean, did he treat you right?” I hope so for her, I hope he just didn't want to take advantage of a young girl, although I can't imagine Erica being helpless even at a young age.

“Yes, he was a very gentle person. We had a lot of fun together and we could talk about everything. A lot of holidays and weekends were spend abroad to learn new skills from foreign teachers or to participate in a concert and he always accompanied me, so we spend a lot of time together. I lost my virginity to him.”

“I'm glad that you were with someone that loved you, at least that's what I assume, that he loved you right?”

“Yes he did and even if people think that you don't know what love is at a young age, I loved him ... he always compared me to an orchid, saying that I tend to scare people away because I wasn't a typical teenager, but those who took the time to really get to know me, would be rewarded with the most exquisite flower on earth that would continue blooming for you, if you would only give it some love....”

“It's true, that's how you are ..... is that the story behind your tattoo?”

“How do you know I have one? Or have you really been trying to rip my panties off last night?”

"No!! Your panties just fell down a bit during the massage and that's how I saw it!” Let's hope she believes this story, fingers crossed!

“They fell down Torres? Somehow I find this hard to believe!” I don't have to turn around to know that she's raising her eyebrow, playfully challenging me to say the truth.

“Okay fine” I throw my hands in the air. She's going to find out one way or the other, so I better just say it. “During the massage, during which you fell asleep if I may remind you, I saw something peek out at the waistband of your panties and I was too curious so I pushed it aside a bit and that's how I discovered you have a tattoo!” I hear her chuckle.

Torres Torres, what am I going to do with you? But .... it's okay, I guess you would have found out eventually. I got that tattoo before going to college, in remembrance of Lukas and my love for music”

So why did you guys brake up?”

We didn’t” she says softly and there’s a hint of what seems like pain in her voice. “We didn’t brake up, faith has done that for us …” she swallows and when look up, she averts her eyes away from me. She stares into the sea, but I don’t think she sees it at all. She seems lost in memories of long time ago and it makes me realize how little I know about this beautiful woman next to me, but even so how much I want to know everything about her, good and bad …. I move and sit on my knees before her, cupping her face and forcing her to look at me.

Erica look at me” Her gaze shifts down, not meeting mine and I can feel her jaws tighten under my hands. “Please look at me?” I plead, gently brushing my thumbs over her cheeks. Her eyes slowly move up and I can see the emotions swirl in her blue pools, but I can’t find any warmth there, I don’t know what, it seems like something of that memory broke her and she’s reliving it, the cut clearly deep enough to ache after so many years … She swallows and starts to speak, her voice cold and distinct.

“I was in my last year of high school and Lukas and I had just spend the weekend in Canada, because I needed to practice for a concert in Montreal with the members of the national orchestra. He drove me home sunday evening, just like he did so many times before. He would calle me when he got home. It got later and later and he didn't call, nor could I reach him on his mobile. It was after 11 when I got a call. I expected it to be Lukas, but the voice on the other end was Linda to tell me that Lukas' car had been hit by a drunk driver on his way home and that he........he died in the ambulance before reaching the hospital ...” I pull her into my arms, my heart is breaking for her, she doesn't deserve this.

“I'm so sorry for you, I'm sorry that I asked, I had no right, I just didn't know.....”

“It's okay Cal” her voice has softened again “it was a long time ago, you're just the first person I've told about Lukas, even till today nobody knows. It's an old scar, and on some days that scars hurts more than on others” She pulls back from my embrace and kisses the tip of my nose. “And you can ask me anything, anytime, don't you forget, okay?” I stay on my knees before her. I want to ask her something more, but I don't know if I should.

“What do you want to ask Gorgeous?”

“How do you know that I ..?”

“Torres when you're nervous and want to ask something, but you're not sure if you should, you start fidgetting with your hands and shuffling on your feet! And now you're doing exactly that, ecept for the feet, but you can't keep sitting still, so spill!”

“Okay, so far for hiding something for you!” I grin and take her hand in mine. “So, where you any good? At playing cello I mean?” She shruggs her shoulders and tosses her head to the side.

“I guess”

“You guess? Erica you said you played concerts abroad and had a private teacher, but you GUESS you were good! Tell me!”

“Okay, I was very good. So good that one day a scout from Juilliard saw me playing and they offered me a full scholarship without auditioning ... so now you know!”

“Erica” I almost scream “how come you never told me and why didn't you take the scholarship?? Everey performer dreams about a chance like that!”

“Because of ........ Lukas death. The last time I played was at his funeral, Linda asked me to play his favorite part. So I did and it was the hardest thing I have ever done ... I've never played one single note after that day ...”

“Will you play sometime for me?” I ask very softly.

“I don't know .. I still have my cello, it is in my study ... but I haven't touched it in more than 22 years, I even don't know if I still know how to play ...”

“If one day, you feel like playing again or you just want to touch the instrument that was your life at one time, know that I'll be there next to you ... that's if you want me to” I press my lips onto her forehead and I feel her squueze my hand.

“You want to go for a walk Cal?”

“Sure! You really are a romantic soul Dr. Hahn!”

“I told you it was a surpriseday!” we grin at each other and I offer my hand to help her up. We start walking along the shore, just enjoying the silence for a bit.

“It's really beautiful here, thank you for bringing me here.”

Our hands come together naturally and our fingers entwine. We don't say much during the walk, there's no need to, we've never felt uncomfortable being in complete silence together, it just feels ... right. I haven't thought about the time today, but as I see the sun fading slowly, I sudden realise it will be evening already. When we arrive back at our spot, we put on our shirts, it's not cold, but being in the sun all day makes you coll down sooner. I start packing our stuff as I think we'll be heading home.

“You want to go home Cal? Because we can stay a bit longer if you like, I brought a couple of candles the romantic soul I am!”

“I'd love to stay some more” I must be grinning like a fool now, because I see her eyes dancing with amusement. “I should call you Dr. Romance instead of Dr. Hahn, no?”

“You just blew your chance on the next surprise so pack the bag, home here we come!”

“I'm sorry, can I please have the surprise, you know how I love surprises” I say and pull on my pouting face, fully knowing that nobody can resist a pouting Torres.

“Oh no, no pouting Torres” Fine, then I'll add some droopy eyes ...

“Don't give me that look, don't .... okay fine, light the candles, I'll prepare your surprise!”

“Yes!!!!!” I place the candles in a circle around the blanket and light them. Erica is rumbling through the bag and pulls out what seems like a mini stereo. She comes over to stand next to me and extends her hand.

“Dance with me?”

“You want to dance with me here, on the beach with candlelight?”

“Yes I do”

"Well I'd love to, put on some music Hahn!” She presses the play button and is looking at me with a big smile on her face.

“Do you know this song Torres?”

Hey where did we go,
days when the rains came
down in the hollow, playing a new game,
laughing and a running hey hey ..... ”

I recognise the song after the first notes and my heart nearly skips a beat. This couldn't be more perfect!! Erica Hahn certainly knows how to make me feel wanted.

“It's a song about you, just dance and listen, I'll sing along for you!”

My brown eyed girl,

you my brown eyed girl”

I can't stop smiling and laughing. We're dancing like to fools on the beach and singing along with Van Morrison! When the music dies away, I wrap my hands around her neck and bring my mouth over her ear.

“You know how to touch a womans heart Dr. Hahn”

“I only want your heart Cal, you're the one that makes me happy”

“You make me happy too, so truly happy ... lay with me for a bit, please”

I release her from our hug and pull her down on the blanket with me. I lay down on my back, she's on her side next to me, her body touching mine all the way. “You're such a beautiful woman Erica” I tell her while I guide her head towards mine, my hand at the back of her neck. When her lips touch mine, I open my mouth immediately to welcome her tongue. She's warm and inviting and I feel her move her body untill she's on top of me. The kiss is deep and full of passion. Good that I'm on my back, or my knees would have given away. She leaves my mouth to start a gentle attack on the skin of my neck, kissing, biting, licking, ...

“Erica” I manage to croack out “do I ... do I turn you on?” She stills any movement immediately and pushes herself in a sitting position, straddling my hips. Her eyes are holding mine and when she slowly starts to unbutton her shirt, I'm quite confused. “What are you doing? You don't have to ...” When her shirt is fully open and I'm once again met with the beauty of Erica Hahn in a bikini, she takes my right hand and places it on her breast. Oh....my...god....her nipple is hard...and the feeling of this sends shockwaves to lower parts of my body. She bends down over me again.

“Cal do you feel this?” She urges me to move my hand and manipulate her nipple. I feel desire taking over my body and hooding my eyes. I brush my hand slowly over the erect peek which causes my cardio godess to moan. “And just to be clear, I'm not cold” she adds to make sure that it's desire causing this. We both giggle at her comment, but as I brush my thumbs over both her nipples, our skin only separated by a thin layer of fabric, I can't help it and I arche my back at the tingling feeling of the fire that's burning inside of me.

“You drive me crazy Callie, so crazy that for the first time in my life I have to try to not have an orgasm, that's how much you turn me on. You can make me weak in the knees just by looking at me, when you kiss me the whole world around me fades and I can only feel you and when you touch me, my body hums to life, letting you play it every way you want. So never doubt that you turn me on, because you do, it's almost insane what you do to me.... and we'll know when the time is right for us....”

“So you wanting to waith has nothing to do with not being turned on?”

“No Gorgeous, don't you ever think that! Listen, we'll only have one first time and I want it to be perfect, because that's what we deserve, what you deserve .... Trust me, we'll both know when it's right ...”

“I trust you, now come here and kiss me before I attack you like a crazy woman!” We kiss hungrily and it doesn't take long before the air is filled with moans and gasps. All of a sudden we're blinded by a bright light. What the !!

“Ladies!” at the sound of the man's voice we quickle sit up, oh no, this can't be true .... police!!!!

“Officer” I try to say as calm as possible, hoping that Erica is not about to freak out with the situation.

“Ladies, we saw some light on the beach so we came down to check. I don't think it's wise to stay here alone, the area is quite deserted!” We know, that's why we're here, you fool!!

“Okay, we'll just grab our stuff and go home. Thanks for the check up officer.”

“Okay. Goodnight ladies” and with that he turns and walks away.

“Erica” she's looking mortified “you're okay?” I ask tentavely.

“Yes I ... uhm ... that was” and then she bursts out in a laughter. “ Oh my God Cal, I'm 41 years old and for the first time in my life I'm getting caught by the police making out on the beach!” We laugh together untill our sides ache and then decide it's best to go home. We take all of our stuff, put it in the car and drive home. I hold her hand during the drive and the smile on her face matches mine, this was a perfect day.

When we come home, we leave the bags in the garage and make our way to the bedroom. It's almost midnight and we both have to work tomorrow, so we change and get ready for bed. I'm already under the covers when Erica comes out of the bathroom. She's wearing that man's shirt from this morning, the one in which she looks very hot. She gets under the covers and I open my arms to get her to snuggle closer. I brush a blonde curl that has fallen in her face behind her ear and carees her cheek tenderly.

“I had the most amazing day of my life, you've really spoiled me, I .... I felt so loved by you ... thank you for today and thank you for opening up to me ... just know that I'm still your best friend so you can always tell me anything” she leans forward and catches my lips in a soft kiss. “And thank you for wearing this extremely sexy shirt” I tell her, half giggling “although that could be a very dangerous move Dr. Hahn, seeing as you're laying in the arms of a hormone driven maniac!” Our bodies shake with laughter, even when she replies “Nothing I can't handle Dr. Torres!”

We fall asleep curled up in each other, the perfect ending of a perfect day, a day full of laughter and full of joy, a day full of promises and full of firsts, a day to remember ....

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