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Life's A Game We're Still Learning To Play 14

Since I'm going on holiday for a couple of weeks on the 16th to the North of Scotland, where phone reception is scarce, never mind a wi-fi connection, I thought I should try and post a few chapters to keep you happy until I get back!

So, part 14, the longest so far...and an increase in rating, to NC-17.

14 – Same game, new tricks

Callie pulled up outside Erica’s house with an ever spreading grin on her face.  She was going on a date with Erica Hahn.  Stepping out of the car, she reached back inside to pick up the roses she had collected on the way over.  She knew Erica preferred lilies, but she also knew the blonde was a romantic at heart, and so had opted for the traditional, but only eleven of them.  The single rose she had dropped off at the restaurant earlier to put on Erica’s place setting would complete the dozen.  Oh yes, Callie grinned, I’m doing it right this time.  Pausing on the doorstep, she could hear music playing in the house.  Something classical she couldn’t identify, but that signified Erica was either concentrating hard on something, or was nervous and trying to calm down.  Her heart warming at the possibility of it being the latter, she rang the bell. 


Erica opened her eyes to glance at the clock, before pressing them shut again and willing herself to relax as the calm tones of Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto No.2 washed over her.  Unfortunately the soothing melody was not having its usual effect, and Erica soon returned to pacing a hole in her carpet as she nervously fidgeted with her dress.  In the two years since she had last seen Callie, she had done some exploring of a personal nature, going travelling, experimenting with new clothes, new tastes, seeing what suited her.  In this time, her wardrobe had increased exponentially, including the little red satin number she was currently sporting.  It hugged her waist in a fitted empire line, flowing over her hips and resting just above the knee, while the capped sleeves covered the top of her arms as the neckline plunged in a deep V on both sides, exposing an expanse of creamy white skin.  In the mirror, it had looked fine, but now, as she paced, it felt too short, it dipped too low…it was an awful choice of outfit.  It wouldn’t even go with the leather jacket she had promised to wear.  Then just as she stepped out into the hall with the intention of a quick change, the front door bell rang.


Callie was glad for the deep breaths she had taken on hearing Erica’s footsteps on the hardwood floor as they neared the door, for when the door was pulled open, the sight that greeted her took her remaining breath away.  Erica stood before her in a red dress that looked made for her, dipping nicely into a v, and short enough to show just how long Erica’s legs were.  Quickly forcing her eyes to remain on Erica’s face, she smiled at Erica’s adorable blush.  “You look amazing.”

“Really?” asked Erica, sounding doubtful as she stepped aside to let Callie come in.  “I was going to change.”

“Don’t,” breathed Callie.  “I mean, unless you really want to.  Or it’s uncomfortable, or you’re uncomfortable in it…” she took a breath, cutting of her own ramble, pulling the flowers out from behind her back.

Erica couldn’t help but smile at Callie’s offering, and the fact she was so obviously using it to stop her continuing with her ramble.  “You liking me in it makes me feel more comfortable in it,” she smiled, taking the flowers.  “These are beautiful, Cal.  You really didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to,” came the reply.  “I told you, I’m doing this right this time, and that includes coming to pick up my gorgeous date and bringing flowers when I do.”

Erica felt her blush deepen. 

“You really do look gorgeous,” smiled Callie, taking in the blonde curls which had been teased to frame her face perfectly.  Deep red lipstick stained the blonde’s usually pale lips, making her look all the more kissable.  Smokey make-up around her baby blues finished the look to perfection.

“You look pretty amazing yourself,” replied the blonde, smirking as she took in Callie’s outfit, suddenly glad she hadn’t opted for black as well.  “Let me just put these in some water and I’ll be ready to go.”  She quickly trotted through to the kitchen, retrieving a vase from under the sink and filling it with water, gasping as warm arms suddenly wrapped around her waist.

“Sorry, but I had to,” breathed Callie, nuzzling her neck. 

Erica smiled, relaxing into the touch as she let her head fall back to rest on Callie’s shoulder. 

Callie placed a gentle kiss against Erica’s neck before releasing her hold and moving to arrange the roses in the vase the blonde had previously set out.  Turning back to face the older woman, she was stopped by a gentle hand on her chest.  Glancing down, she smiles, realizing Erica had taken hold of the pendant was wearing; the one she had given her in the park earlier that week.

“You wore it.”

“I haven’t taken it off since you gave me it.”  Callie gently took Erica’s hand in her own.  “I only wish I’d been awake for you to have given it to me earlier.”  She leant forward and pressed a gently kiss to soft lips.  “But now that I am awake, I intend to make the most of it,” she grinned, pressing another gentle kiss against Erica’s lips.  She felt the blonde’s arms slip around her waist, fingers gently caressing her spine and sighed contentedly, letting her forehead rest against Erica’s, gazing into her baby blues.  She smiled at the warmth and softness she found there; Erica was letting her back in.  “So, will you finally let me take you to dinner?”

“I’ll let you take me anywhere,” quipped Erica, grinning. 

Callie chuckled, shaking her head.  “You do realise how much comments like that make you sound like Mark, right?”

Erica shrugged.  “I came to the conclusion he’s not all bad.”

“What happened to you these past two years?” asked Callie, laughing, but instantly regretting it as she saw the blonde’s smile fade.  “Hey, it’s not that I don’t like it, because I do.  It’s the you I used to feel so privileged to get little glimpses of, but all the time.  I’m just curious about what brought out the real you for everybody to see.”

“You already know the answer to that,” said Erica, finding her smirk once more.  She stepped back, walking back out towards the hall to collect her coat.  “The same person who made me realise who and what I really was.  The same amazing woman who just happens to be taking me to dinner.”


Callie pulled out Erica’s chair and watched anxiously as the blonde took in the table; the single rose set on her place setting, the bottle of wine chilling.  Nothing at all like the last time they had been here, with Callie arriving late, spewing out her nonsense speech about embassies and safe words and rules and then having to be saved by Erica offering her wine and hiding behind her menu while Callie caught her breath and gathered her thoughts.  Sliding into the seat opposite the blonde, she met her warm gaze. 

“Someone’s been doing some organising,”she smiled, picking up the rose and inhaling the scent. 

“I figured just about anything would be better than the last time,” smirked Callie.  “But I really wanted to make this special.”

Erica placed the rose down and reached over the table to take Callie’s hand in her own.  “It is.  And stop beating yourself up over the last time.  That was special in its own way.”

Callie snorted.  “Yeah, special in the way that needs a psych evaluation.”

Erica couldn’t help but laugh.  “Not quite.  You were adorable last time we were here.”

“I was nearly hyperventilating.”

Erica grinned as she gently squeezed the other woman’s hand.  “But you came, and that meant everything to me.”

Callie smiled back.  “And you let me come back for more.”

Any reply Erica may have had was interrupted by the waitress coming over to introduce herself and give them their menu’s. 


The blonde had to smile at the soft tone.  She felt tears gather in her eyes at the memory of that tone.  The same tone that Callie had hesitantly addressed her in one their one and currently only previous date to tell her that maybe second base was okay too…

“Thank you for giving me this chance.  Thank you for coming back.”


Erica held her stomach as she sat back, her laughter finally dying down.  “I haven’t laughed this much in forever,” she breathed, grinning at the woman still say opposite. 

“I’ve missed your laugh,” smiled Callie.  A loud clatter to left pulled her attention away from the gorgeous blonde across from her, and as she glanced around she noticed that the wait staff we clearing the table and stacking the chairs.  “Wow, how long have we been talking?”

Erica followed Callie’s gaze, her surprise registering on her face.  “Clearly longer than we thought.”

“I’ve enjoyed it though,” grinned Callie. 

“Even if we didn’t get to dessert?” asked Erica, knowing that dessert was Callie’s favourite part of any meal.

The Latina only smirked.  “I could still have desert.”

Erica raised an eyebrow.  “Is that so?”  If Callie was meaning the same sort of dessert as she was, she could have had it days ago.

“I’ve never taken you to the 24 hour ice-cream place, have I?” asked Callie, grinning at the expression on Erica’s face.  Clearly she was thinking about another type of dessert…and I will get to that, later.


Callie smiled as Erica gently laid her head on her shoulder as they continued to walk along the waterfront, the tiny plastic spoon from her ice cream still between her teeth.  Reaching over she tugged the spoon away, filling it with a scoop of her own tub before replacing it back in the blonde’s mouth.  “Told you you should have gone for the fudge brownie.”

Erica shook her head.  “Nope, that Irish cream was to die for.”

“Too good to share?”

The blonde turned her head till blue eyes looked up to meet brown.  “I meant to keep you some…it was just a really small tub.”

“I was only kidding,” smiled Callie, leaning in to place a gentle chocolate flavoured kiss to waiting lips.  She didn’t get the chance to pull back as Erica’s hands found their way into her hair, keeping her exactly where she was as the older woman deepened the kiss.  A quick flick of the wrist later and her tub of chocolate ice cream was thrown aside in favour of mapping Erica’s curves.  If it was possible, the woman was an even better kisser now than she had been before and Callie couldn’t help but melt into her. 

Finally pulling back to breathe, Erica leant her forehead against Callie’s, still playing with her dark curls.  “I like when you leave your hair curly.”

Callie smiled.  “I know.  That’s why I left it like that.”  She brought her own hand up to brush a few errant strands from Erica’s face, stroking her thumb over a gently blushing cheek.  “I know you better than you think.  And whatever you think, you do know me.”

Erica let her gaze fall to the floor.  “Callie, I was angry when I said that.”

“You were rightfully angry,” Callie told her, putting a finger under her chin and bringing her head back up.  “I was all over the place back then, and I did a lot of things I should never have done.  I hurt you, and that was the last thing I wanted to do.”

“I know.  I knew that then, but at the time…”

“Don’t you dare apologise to me again, Erica Hahn,” smiled the Latina.  “If anyone here has some apologizing to do, it’s me.”  She pressed another gentle kiss to the blonde’s lips.  “And I am going to make it up to you.”  She gasped as Erica pulled her roughly against her, but willingly melted into the kiss that was pressed to her lips. 

“Stay with me tonight?” Erica whispered against her lips.  “Please.”  For the past two years she had only had a handful of memories of what it felt like to be with Callie, and even as inexperienced as they were, nothing yet had compared.  Two years she had spent wanting this woman back in her life, her arms, her bed…

Callie nodded.  “Yes.” 


The cab ride had been hell on wheels for Callie thanks to the fact Erica hadn’t removed her gaze from her the entire time.  The blonde had sat slightly sideways in the seat, facing Callie, trailing her fingers over Callie’s lips, down the v of her dress and then lower, over the thin fabric, Callie’s muscles jumping at the gentle touch.  Fuck, did she take a crash course in teasing in the time she’s been away?  Callie had behaved as best she could, her breathing becoming less and less regular as she tried to remain as still as she could.  Looking at Erica, Callie could tell the blonde had some idea of what she was doing to her, but Callie doubted she knew just how close to the edge she was pushing her.

The moment they pulled up outside the blonde’s house Callie had hastily thrown some notes at the driver and quickly opened the door, stepping out and reaching for the blonde’s hand, more to drag her out of the cab than out of manners.  Erica seemed to recognize this, but wasn’t finished with her teasing just yet.  Biting her lower lip, she kept a hold of Callie’s hand as she slowly stepped backwards up the path, holding Callie’s gaze the entire way.  Backing up the steps she fished around with her free hand in her bag to find the keys.

Her search was abruptly stopped as Callie pressed her against her front door with her body, teasing her with feather light kisses.  Erica’s hand rested on Callie’s hips, relishing the close contact.  A distinct, familiar click brought her back to reality and she realised that while she had been distracted, Callie had found her keys and unlocked the door, which she was now being walked through.  She couldn’t help but moan as she was then pushed back against it, closing it with the impact of her body.

Eyes practically rolling back in her head Erica whimpered as Callie turned her attention to the blonde’s neck, alternating between small nips and soothing open mouth kisses while her fingers danced up and down the blonde’s sides.  The blonde, for her part, could only grasp Callie’s shoulders, wondering how the tables had to quickly turned.  She didn’t linger on the thought, however, content to simply enjoy the fact they had.  For now, she thought with a grin as Callie sank to her knees before her, trailing kisses down the exposed skin of her chest.  Erica forced her eyes open to gaze down at the woman before her.  Callie trailed her hands down the blonde’s long legs, halting at her ankles, skilled fingers quickly unbuckling one, then the other and guiding her to step out of them before starting a slow trail of kisses upward.  A trail which ended at the hem of Erica’s dress as the Latina looked up at her with hungry eyes.  Erica could only whimper as Callie teased the dress higher kissing higher and higher up her thighs.  By the time Callie reached her goal, Erica was a trembling mess.  But Callie was not ready to let her come undone yet.  She placed a gentle kiss to the now damp crotch of Erica’s panties before letting the dress fall back down and getting to her feet once more, enjoying Erica’s moan that fell somewhere between extreme frustration at the teasing not having gone further, and relief that she had been given a moment to breathe. 

Meeting Callie’s gaze, Erica quickly grabbed the Latina’s hand, leading her towards the stairs.  Despite everything her body was saying, however, she stopped at the foot of them and took a deep breath before turning back to the confused woman behind her.  “As much as I want this, I can only take you up there if I know you’re not going to run out on me in the morning.”

Callie nodded, understanding.  She knew that Erica letting her back in was no small thing, and she wanted to reassure the blonde that it was the right decision.  “You’ll have to drag me out of your bed if you ever want me to leave it again.  Unless, of course, it’s to follow you.”  She stepped closer to the blonde, stroking her cheek with the back of her fingers.  “I’m not going anywhere this time.”

Erica smiled.  “Good, because I really didn’t want to have to resort to chaining you up in the basement just to keep you around.”  Giggling, she turned and took the stairs two at a time, dragging a willing Callie behind her.


“You redecorated,” observed Callie as she followed Erica into her bedroom.  “No, hang on, you did more than redecorate…”

“Callie, are we really going to discuss the modifications I’ve made to the house since you were last here or can it wait?” Erica asked from where she was perched on the edge of her recently acquired four poster bed.

Turning back to the blonde, Callie grinned.  “And you got a new bed.”

Erica matched Callie’s grin.  “I did.  Wanna come check it out with me?” she asked playfully.

“I’d rather check you out in it,” said Callie, coming to stand in between Erica’s legs. 

“Hmm, is that the case?” teased Erica, sliding her arms around Callie’s waist.

“It is indeed,” smiled Callie, leaning down and crushing their mouths together.  Not breaking their kiss, Callie slid down the straps of Erica’s dress, her fingertips stroking down the blonde’s toned arms before tugging it down further and exposing the red satin bra beneath.  Pulling back, she sank to her knees once more, urging Erica to lift her hips and slip out of the dress altogether.  Callie licked her lips at the sight before her; Erica’s pale skin against the dark sheets, interrupted only by the thin strips of satin that was Erica’s underwear; matching, of course.  She was pleased that the blonde didn’t shy away from her attention as she used to, but met Callie’s hungry gaze with ease. 

“You’ve somehow managed to get even more beautiful than the last time I seen you like this,” breathed Callie.

Erica chuckled.  “I think you may have had a bit too much wine with dinner.”

Callie shook her head.  “Just drunk on you,” she grinned as she began to kiss the blonde’s stomach, moving up to her ribs with gentle nips and licks.  Halting at the red satin, the younger woman looked up at Erica, who had clearly been planning this if the front clasp was anything to go by.  Chuckling, Callie made quick work of flicking open the offending garment.  “While I appreciate the wrapping, I much prefer what’s underneath,” breathed Callie as she took one pink nipple in her mouth, giving it her tongue’s full attention and drawing a deep moan from the blonde.  As her tongue worshipped what was available above the Mason-Dixon line of Erica’s pants, Callie let her hands wander further South, teasing her through damp panties until Erica couldn’t help but roll her hips in search of more friction.  Grinning, Callie eased the material down the blonde’s legs, throwing it aside before sliding her arms under Erica’s thighs, leaving her in no doubt as to what Callie’s intentions were.

Erica whimpered at the first swipe of Callie’s tongue, her hips rising off of the bed.  Fuck, I forgot how talented her tongue was!  Strong arms brought her closer to Callie’s mouth, hands clasping across her hips to keep her in place as Callie began to make love to her with her tongue in earnest.  Whimpers quickly turned to moans as Erica gripped the sheets tightly, Callie quickly driving her to the edge. 

Gently closing her mouth around Erica’s clit, Callie sucked lightly, knowing how close Erica was and not wanting to prolong the agony any longer.  Then glancing up at the woman coming undone at the power of her mouth alone, Callie hummed gently.  The sudden surge of Erica’s hips along with the higher pitched moan that erupted from the blonde’s throat told Callie she had truly let go, and she continued with gentle strokes of her tongue as she felt Erica relax under her touch, breathing deeply.  With a final kiss against Erica’s most intimate area, Callie let her head rest against the blonde’s thigh, looking up across her body, taking in her still heaving chest, the head still thrown back, blonde curls fanned across the pillow.  She smiled as Erica’s hand let go of the sheet, blindly searching for her own.  Catching the flailing limb, Callie laced their fingers together, chuckling as Erica tugged her up, wanting her close.  Leaning on her elbow beside the blonde, Callie’s smile grew as she took in her flushed cheeks and lazy smile. 

“You’re amazing,” whispered Erica, trailing gentle fingers across Callie’s face, as if memorizing every detail through touch alone. 

“You must bring it out in me,” smiled Callie, leaning down to kiss her lover, swallowing her moan at the taste of herself on Callie’s tongue.  Pulling back, Callie rested her chin on the blonde’s shoulder, gazing up into slightly misted blue eyes.

“How come it’s me who has been unashamedly offering it up all week and yet you’re still completely dressed while I’m naked?” asked Erica, moving to lean up on her elbows. 

Callie grinned.  “I’ve been waiting a long time to worship my Cardio Goddess again, I wasn’t letting anything get in the way of that.”

“And yet these clothes really are getting in the way of things,” smirked Erica, running a blunted nail down across the fabric draped across Callie’s abdomen, relishing the muscles which tensed beneath her touch and the slight hitch in the younger woman’s breathing. 

“You always know exactly how to drive me out of my mind, don’t you?”

Erica chuckled.  “I have no idea what you mean,” she said sweetly, as if butter wouldn’t melt.

“Oh yes you do,” murmured Callie.  “In that cab, you knew what you were doing to me.  I just don’t think you know exactly how much you affect me.”

“Then tell me,” replied Erica in the deep rumbling register her voice was capable of as she rolled over to nuzzle at the Latina’s neck while her fingers continued to trail over the thin material of her dress.  Finding the zip in the back, she gently tugged it down, pleased when Callie stood, quickly shimmying out of the material and letting it fall to the floor before climbing back on the bed once more.  Not wasting any more time, Erica pounced, crushing their lips together as she crawled up the Latina’s body, pressing her into the mattress.  They both moaned at the feeling of skin on skin, Callie pulling Erica down more firmly on top of her.  Erica pulled back, resting her weight on her arms.  “Callie, tell me.”

“Seriously?” breathed the Latina, her hands resting on the blonde’s hips.

Erica moved down to kiss along the bra line of the younger woman, every so often letting her teeth nip gently, drawing a hiss of pleasure from the younger woman.

Callie, for her part, tried to calm her breathing, closing her eyes and biting her lip as she fought not to raise her hips to grind against Erica’s where the blonde straddled her.  She had almost forgotten just how talented a lover Erica Hahn was.  She gasped when she felt the older woman’s tongue trace the shell of her ear. 

“Very seriously,” came the low whisper as her hands were removed from Erica’s hips and held above her head. 

Opening her eyes, she took in the picture of Erica hovering above her, her golden curls hanging down around her face.  “Everything,” she breathed.  “Everything about you affects me.”

“Do tell,” grinned Erica as she slipped an arm beneath Callie’s arched back, deftly undoing the clasp of her bra and dragging it down her arms before tossing it to the side and gently moving Callie’s arms back above her head where she held them.  Maintaining eye contact, she leant down to take one mocha nipple in her mouth, licking and sucking with just enough teeth to make Callie tremble. 

“They way you look.  You’re just…you.  Your skin, your hair…” managed Callie.  “And your eyes.  God I love you eyes.”  She wanted to touch the gorgeous woman on top of her, but Erica was still holding her hands firmly above her head.  Erica had never before taken such control in their love-making, and Callie had to admit, she was thoroughly enjoying it.  “And when you bite your lip.” 

Smirking, Erica released the nipple she had been torturing and leant over the younger woman once more, biting her lip.  “You mean like this.”  Before the other woman could reply she gently slid one thigh between Callie’s legs.

“Fuck!  Yes!” Callie all but shouted.  “And your voice.  I swear you could be reading the Chinese menu and I would still love your voice” she panted, her sentences now very disjointed as she fought for breath.  She could feel Erica gently moving her thigh, creating a delicious friction between her legs. 

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like to say something a little more exciting?” asked Erica, letting her voice drop down an octave.  Callie’s answering growl was all the reply she needed.  She chuckled, enjoying teasing her lover, but knowing she had quite possibly pushed far enough for tonight.  Without warning, she slid Callie’s panties to the side, sliding two fingers into the wetness she found there. 

“Fuck!” screamed Callie, her hips surging off the bed as her head was thrown back.

Smiling, Erica positioned her own hips behind her hand, letting her body add weight to her thrusts, as she leant down to kiss the beautiful young woman beneath her.  She relished the feeling of Callie growling into her mouth as their tongues dueled.  Releasing the younger woman’s hands, she was pleased when they instantly flew to tangle in her hair, nails scraping deliciously over her scalp.  Almost as a reward, she added a third finger, feeling Callie begin to tense around her.  It was only then that Callie broke their kiss, keeping her hands in Erica’s hair, needing to keep the blonde close.  Breathless moans left her lips, growing louder as the older woman began to flick her thumb over Callie’s clit. 

“ERICA!” Callie screamed as a powerful orgasm tore through her.  She wrapped her legs tightly around the blonde, riding out the waves of pleasure as gentle kisses were littered over her neck and face, bringing her gently down to reality.  She finally opened her eyes to find blue eyes full of concern looking down at her.

“What’s wrong?” asked Erica, hoping she hadn’t pushed the younger woman too far.  In their previous love-making she had never been the one to take control, and she was concerned that in doing so now she had broken what trust they had.

It was only then that Callie realised there were tears streaming down her cheeks.  “Nothing,” she smiled.  “I had forgotten how this feels with you.”


“Like it’s meant to feel,” grinned Callie.  She wrapped the older woman in a fierce hug, pulling her tight against her.  “It only ever feels like this with you.”

Laying her head against Callie’s shoulder, Erica smiled.  So tears of happiness then…She traced imaginary patterns across the Latina’s skin as she listened to her heartbeat slowly returning to normal.  “I know what you mean.”  She felt Callie press a gentle kiss to her temple and smiled before she felt a familiar tensing of Callie’s muscles.  “What is it Cal?”

Callie let out a puff of air.  “How do you do that?”

“What?” asked Erica.

“Always know when I’m gonna say something,” said Callie, moving to lean on her elbow so that she could meet Erica’s eyes.

The blonde shrugged.  “I guess I just know you well.”

Callie smiled at that.  “Yeah you do.”

“And now you’re avoiding whatever it was you were going to ask,” said Erica, eyebrow raised.  “Just ask me, Cal.  I’m not going to run away just because you want to ask me a question.”

Callie fidgeted uncomfortably, picking at the sheets below her. 

Rolling onto her front, Erica leant up on her elbows, nudging Callie’s head with her own.  “Cal, talk to me.  Whatever it is, just ask.  Remember, we were going to talk and be honest this time.”

“I know, it’s just, I was going to ask something that’s none of my business,” admitted Callie.

“But you want to know, so ask.”

Taking a deep breath, Callie nodded.  “Okay.  Well, I just…you…”  She was cut off with a sound kiss from Erica, rendering her momentarily incapable of thinking.

“Now ask, don’t think, just ask.”

“How many other people have you been with since me?” 

Erica watched as Callie’s eyes grew wide, horrified she had asked.  “Stop worrying.  It’s a fair question.  One I would have liked to ask you if I didn’t know the answer.”  She ignored Callie’s eyebrows hiking up her forehead.  “And the number you’re looking for is twelve.” 

“Twelve?” Callie couldn’t help but repeat. 

Erica blushed, but nodded.  “Yeah, I um…I did a little exploring…”

“Wow.”  Twelve different people?  That’s quite something for the woman who doesn’t make friends.  “That’s…”

“A lot of people, especially for me?” asked Erica, dropping her head.  It was something she wasn’t greatly proud of, but she couldn’t deny that it had helped her become more comfortable with who she was.  She looked up as she felt Callie nudge her shoulder.

“You think I’m in any position to judge?  I don’t care,” she smiled.  “I only care that you came back.  I was just wondering where the confidence came from,” she grinned, placing gentle kisses on Erica’s shoulder.  “Because I am certainly not complaining about that.”

“Oh really?” asked Erica with a smirk as pushed herself up to her knees, moving to straddle Callie from behind.  Resting her weight carefully on the Latinas thighs, she leant down to gently trail kisses down her spine, her nails tracing patterns down the smooth skin on either side, occasionally skimming her sides and the gentle swells of her breasts.  Though her touches were gentle, Callie’s responses were clearly noticeable.  The raven haired beauty let her head fall forward, burying her face in the pillow as she writhed under the feather light touches teasing her skin.  She let out a shuddering breath as Erica trailed her caresses lower, to the base of her spine and her ass, her hips grinding into the mattress in an attempt to gain some friction. 

Feeling Callie’s movements, Erica once more leant forward over the woman, her breasts against the younger woman’s back, drawing a moan from them both.  Gently placing a hand on the Latina’s shoulder, she guided her up to kneel also, keeping her front pressed to the back of the younger woman, she mimicked her previous actions on her front.  Her nails whispering across the smooth skin of Callie’s toned stomach and teasing around mocha nipples she nuzzled her hair aside, devoting her lips to the young woman’s neck.

Eyes fluttering closed, Callie let all thoughts flee from her mind as she concentrated on the wondrous sensations Erica was creating.  As the blonde’s fingers dipped lower she could feel her legs trembling in anticipation.

“Lean back, it’s okay, I’ve got you,” whispered Erica, nuzzling her ear as her fingers dipped below her panties.

Letting her weight lean back against the blonde Callie gasped as skilled fingers entered her, setting up a slow rhythm which she rocked her hips against.  As the pace increased, Callie could feel she wasn’t going to hold on much longer, and turned her head, finding the blonde’s lips with her own, kissing her with everything she had.  When she felt Erica bring her other hand down to tease her clit, Callie knew it was all over as her body shook uncontrollably with pleasure.  Tearing her mouth away from the blonde’s Callie sucked in shuddering breaths as Erica gently helped her ride out the last waves of ecstasy before removing her fingers and holding her securely against her, kissing the sweet spot just below her ear. 

“You’re beautiful.”

Turning her head, Callie crushed their lips together, roughly demanding entry with her tongue.  Twisting in the blonde’s embrace, she took Erica’s face in her hands, kissing her like her very life depended on it.  Finally pulling back, she leant her head against the older woman’s temple, panting.  “Fuck, when did you get so good at EVERYTHING?”  She felt Erica’s chuckle.  “Or were you always this good and I was too scared to notice first time round?”

“I like to think I’ve improved with age,” grinned against the younger woman’s neck, inhaling her scent.

This time it was Callie’s turn to chuckle.  “Oh you have.  But from you I wouldn’t expect anything less.” 

“You want to see what else I’ve improved at?” grinned Erica.

“Well that depends…” smirked Callie, turning to face the blonde, her eyes slowly drinking in the sight of the gorgeous naked woman before her. 

Erica raised an eyebrow.  “On what?”

“On whether these demonstrations leave enough time for me to properly worship my Cardio Goddess…”



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