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Reading My Fics

It's been a very long time for a Grey's post from me, but I have some LJ users who would like to join my fic community who have been unable.

If you are 18 years old or older and have a validated email on the account you use for LJ then you can join my fic community and read my fics.  I haven't written much Grey's in a very long time, but maybe folks are looking for those old posts.  Idk.

To join click here and click JOIN:  LINK
If you can't seem to join, then try re-validating your email for your LJ.  Here's the FAQ link:  LINK
On that FAQ page you have to click the 'request another one' in order to validate your email address.

When I try to let folks join the community I get a message like this saying I let someone in and that I didn't let someone else in.

Once you are in try the FIC LIST on the right hand side of the community, scroll down to find the Grey's Anatomy fics.

Happy reading, everyone!   -- punk xxx


The following changes have been made:

You have added 1 person to this community.

Following users were not added: ashtraygirl0013,greysfan0206 because their emails are not validated.


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