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Callie & Erica: The Chemistry

...and then you kissed me

Erica_Callie: The Connection & Something More
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A Community for Grey's Anatomy's Callie & Erica

Info & Rules

Welcome to erica_callie, a community about Callie Torres and Erica Hahn from ABC's drama series Grey's Anatomy. You may discuss anything about the characters & their undeniable chemistry, the (romantic) relationship or the actresses. Everyone's invited to talk about the recent events or developments of the show and the characters and to take part in our community contests and monthly events. Feel free to post fanfiction, photos, graphics and more. But please read the rules first.

& no bashing/attacking of members, actors or anyone else! we won't tolerate any disrespectful behavior.
& please tag your entries with the existing community tags. if you don't know how to tag, go here.
& please check the tags/recent entries before you post. duplicate entries will be removed.
& graphics that are larger than 400x400px go behind a cut. if you don't know how to use the LJ-cut, go here
& please cite the source of any information or material you post.
& if you post spoilers, please put them behind a cut and add a spoiler warning to your entry.
& if you post more than one fanfiction a day, please put them all in one entry.
& please set entries with adult content to "members only". This includes art, fanfiction & themes that are rated NC-17/R.
& if you want to promote a community-related site or journal, you need the OK from one mod.
& please contact the mod-team if you know a user who was banned from other communities for disrespectful behavior. If you know a user has created a new name because their last one was sullied through their own actions, please notify us. It is against our rules to have multiple user names here. We do log IPs in order to prevent harassment, spamming, or ill behavior.

Contact & Credit

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please contact one of the mods or leave a comment to this entry
maintainer: docwarnerfan
mods:burningeden xtremedz

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